#187 | Saturday, October 6th 2001
I got the news when I was in science class. Our principal came on the PA and told us that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center Towers, and one had hit the Pentagon. At first everyone was like "what? yeah whatever" and they were joking about it at lunch. But when we got to our first afternoon class, our teacher was in the room watching the news. About three calsses came in and watched with us, and at that time no one was laughing. I guess the reality really didn't sink in until we saw the first image of the towers collapsing. It was taken from the middle of a street. People were running from a huge cloud of thick brown dust. You could just make out the shape of the building as it came violently down to street level. When I got home, my dad said that I will never forget this day. And he's right.
Thomas | 13 | Canada

#165 | Wednesday, September 26th 2001
i was at home sick. i couldnt sleep at all, so i turned on the radio, to hear the first radio report that one plane has collided with the world trade centre.

i left the bed knowing that cnn would have non stop coverage, and as i turned on the television i saw the second plane crash into the other tower.

i was talking to friends earlier that very week about how generations before myself remembering exactly where they were when jfk was shot, or elvis died, and how our generation seems to have no substance. i'll never ever forget that day.

shad | 19 | Canada

#109 | Thursday, September 20th 2001
I was walked into a class, that of which was a world issues class (how ironic). Someone said "Terrace Planes hit New York" and I said "What" and they repeated it, and I asked "Terrace Planes?", and then the person said "No, Terrorist Planes" and then it hit me. We turned on the radio, and I started to cry. I cried for the fact that war had now reached North America, that it would result in more violence, that two beautiful examples of architecture had been ruined. It isn't fair for this to happen to the U.S., but it also wouldn't be fair for them to retaliate by killing innocent people.
Grant | 18 | Canada

#52 | Monday, September 17th 2001
I was half-an-hour into the second day of the worst job I've ever had. Didn't get much done that day...
EJ | 26 | Canada

#31 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
When it all happened, I was working. I work for the electricity company here, and I was just doing my daily job, calling clients and the like, when a girl from the office screamed something about the World Trade Center..

We turned on the radio and listened when the second plane crashed. It was scary. We didnt know what to think. We could only hear what the people described, and my imagination was running wild. I thought it was the end.

I thought about my friends in NYC and started to worry a lot. I couldnt concentrate on the job and left earlier than usual. I sat here in front of the computer, watched TV, read the news online, called my boyfriend who lives on the other side of the atlantic (Holland) and just waited to see the new developments of the tragedy.

Josee | 19 | Canada

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