#92 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
i woke up late. like at 11:45.
i had a cup of tea i think. then just screwed aroung listening to all these 45s i had got a few days before. smoking and reminiscing. i hadnt gone online or put on the radio or tv yet.
then the phone rang and i didnt get it and thought they didnt even leave a message so i was pissed.
i went to the kitchen to make mac and cheese and saw that the person did leave a message.
i pressed play. it was my dad. he said 'a terrible disaster has happened to the world trade center. better put on the news and call alison [my sister] if shes up..'
at first i was just like 'omg why do i need to call her? its cant be that bad to have to call my sister over it'
i put on the tv and just saw allll this smoke from somewhere. i didnt even know it was new york at first...i thought it was in boston. then i saw the shot of the towers. one with a huge black gash in it and suddenly i saw the second plane come in from behind it and explode. i thought it exploded mid air and not into the building for a while. but then i realized it slammed into the building. it was so weird. at first i was just like 'how did someone get this on tape?' noone was saying anything and it was incredibly surreal. then they showed the towers collapsing and some reporter said 'it looks just like a banana being peeled'. i was stunned. still stunned that that actually happened. that the wtc is GONE. amazing and shocking. i havent stopped watching the news.
i cant imagine what those people who have lost someone are going through. the fact that they are praying for a miracle. that it isnt final. the search for life isnt over. its all too much. but astoundingly this massive disaster has ressurrected this country's unity and altruism in many ways. just nothing will be the same after this. i've never experienced anything this big and important before.
my love. my heart goes out to all those dealing with this situation. it is a test of character and courage.
thank you.

suzy | 25 | Massachusetts

#89 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I'm sitting at my desk at work, having arrived only minutes ago. I'm alone in the room. Someone passes by the door calling, "Did you hear that?"

"No, what?"

"Two planes crashed head on..."

"Oh man," I think.

"...into the World Trade Center."


For the next two hours we all watch tv in the conference room in solemnity and shock, before intermittently trying to go back to our desks and work.

Anthony | 25 | Florida

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