#198 | Thursday, October 11th 2001
I was at home in Tel-Aviv, Israel with my friends. As we were laughing and having fun my mom walked into the room and told us that a plane crashed into the twins towers (in hebrew we refer to the towers but we mean all of the WTC).
At first we didn't think it was a terrorist attack because that was unreasonable, terrorism in the US yeah right, whatever. We just thought it was an aroeplane accident but then the second aroeplane hit, and it was clear to all - the world as we know it is going to change, from now on - nowhere is safe...

Rony | 13 | Israel

#193 | Sunday, October 7th 2001
I was in Homeroom when I first saw the footage of the first building that was hit. The teachers weren't allowed to tell us what was going on or something, so we all just thought there had been a small fire. Then the second plane hit but nobody saw it. All they saw was fire. When I went to first hour, they didn't show anything else because they thought the younger kids would be scared, and some of them were crying by the end of the day.
Nicole | 13 | Georgia

#187 | Saturday, October 6th 2001
I got the news when I was in science class. Our principal came on the PA and told us that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center Towers, and one had hit the Pentagon. At first everyone was like "what? yeah whatever" and they were joking about it at lunch. But when we got to our first afternoon class, our teacher was in the room watching the news. About three calsses came in and watched with us, and at that time no one was laughing. I guess the reality really didn't sink in until we saw the first image of the towers collapsing. It was taken from the middle of a street. People were running from a huge cloud of thick brown dust. You could just make out the shape of the building as it came violently down to street level. When I got home, my dad said that I will never forget this day. And he's right.
Thomas | 13 | Canada

#80 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
You know what!? I was listening to the radio, and the DJ announced, "Oh My God! New York has just been bombed! I can't beleive it!! Ladies and gentlemen, this ould be World War III happening right now!" I tuned the TV to channel ABC and all these other channels, and all of them were filled with the coverage of the attack. I ran to my dad's room and told him. He had "actually" ran to the TV. Haha
Judy | 13 | Texas

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