#7 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
i pass my sympothy on to New York city and all the families of the innocent people.
Matthew | 20 | Australia

#2 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
I remember getting ready to walk out the door to go to class when my roommate walked quickly through the door and turned on CNN. An image of some building popped onto the screen and flames coming out of its sides. I thought at first it must have been another attack by the IRA in London or a suicide bomber who walked into a building in Tel Aviv. But the locaton began to register as the WTC towers became more defined and the reporters voices came in far more shocked and frightened than when they normally reported about terrorist actions in distant countries. The feeling of amazement overwhelmed me at first, this is the worst thing ever kept on repeating in my mind as any past acts of horror seemed to fade away in the impact of this attack on our nation's symbols and population.
Then I came back into the now, thinking I have to go to class. But then I remember, how can I go to class, this changes my whole world, how can things still be the same. I didn't think my day should be like any other one. Everything was out of focus and as I wandered to class I was still trying to bring my world back together.
In class my professor's face was stoic and he stood in a stone-like pose in front of the students. In his distinct Brooklyn accent he warned us all that acts of terror such as this if not stopped and their perpetrators punished, then the United States would decay like the Roman Empire until there was nothing left.
Classes were cancelled for the rest of the day, allowing us all to dwell on the situation at hand and seek comfort through our friends at school and our family back home. Anger, fear, shock, sadness, and frustration all swirled around me and it took reconnecting with my family and friends to make the world stop spinning.
The magnitude of all the wonderful lives uselessly taken from us by the planes that were targeted at the American psyche will continue to hit hard every time I see, hear, or think of those two magnificent towers crumbling into dust and the stories of all the great people who died on Sept. 11. I hope no one else on the planet ever has another day like the one almost every American had on that Tuesday.

Justin | 20 | Texas

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