#2525 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
American Flag
Red white and Blue flying high in the sky,
Every American Is proud to see it fly.
The American Flag and true,
The flay we pledge our allegiance to.
Every American feels a great pride,
When they see our flag flying high.

Megan | 11 | New Jersey

#2524 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
American Pride
American pride flows throughthe air ,
We're as strong as ever anywhere
United in our stand,
We take charge for this great land.
There's pride in everyone's heart,
We have hope so that's a start.
What they've done has been sad
But we haven't given up so let's be glad
As American Pride is in the air
Let's look at our flag and see that it's
still there!
Our country will never be the same,
But American Pride is our aim
September 11th was the date
But don't look back with hate.
We look left, We look right
We'll see our flag in sight.
What's done is done,
We can't cange that,
So let's keep this American pride
We could never change that.

megan | 11 | New Jersey

#2496 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I think that they do not like the kind FREEDOM we have.Sothey did what they did.
Megan | 11 | New Jersey

#2495 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I think that they do not like the kind of FREEDOM that we have.
Megan | 11 | New Jersey

#2462 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
my name is corrie i live in georgia....I was at school..have one ofthose good bad days and... i started getting yelled at in 2nd period... i didnt understand why... my teacher mrs.telligamn started to cry sheran into the halls and started to bring the teachers out of there class rooms...i closed my eyes wondering what was wrong...i saw when i closed i saw the country i saw a plane and i thought bad...something just happend to america and was bad... she never told till monday...i was scared when i when i turned my tv on and there was something picture to be exact that were two building's i didnt know what buildings i was doing my homework and then my friend michelle called she said that i should start praying now...that i need to come over...b/c my friend jose that lived 10 blockes from were it happened in newyor might have just been killed! i said oh my gosh! i tarted to cry i coulkdnet see the tv and now when i hear or even see pictures i cry and when people laugh at it i yell in there faces and storm off...people dont understand the lives that got tore apart and i just cant talk about it without crieng...but i ...i well lord dosnt even know what i can or would do to asmo benladin when he comes face to face with me! thats all i can say really firefighters i love you truly i hope you luck! and sorry to those losses i understandb/c i had a loss to... god bless! my email is lil_rebel_gal02@hotmail.com
corrie | 11 | Georgia

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