#544 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
September 11 really changed the world man .

I have to comment only this much..

Samhan | 11 | India

#539 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
I was at schools when it happened. The teachers weren't allowed to tell us, probably because I am only in 5th grade. We went the whole day without suspecting a thing. When I got home, my dad was sitting watching the TV. I knew something was wrong because of the serious, grave look he had on his face. I said, "What happend?" He said nothing. So I sat down and watched the TV. Again and again the tape of the crashes played again and again. When my mom got home, she didn't talk much. We got calls from all my friends and relatives, asking if everyone was ok. That night, we called a zillion people. When George W. Bush addressed the people, it was the first time I ever saw my mom cry. I am deeply saddend by the events, and hope that everyone who was affected is ok. God Bless America.

P.S. On a lighter tone, my friend's dad worked at the WTC, and survived. Unfortunately, he had pieces of glass and metal in his head. He said that Juliani would be after him! LOL!!! (Cause you aren't allowed to take anything from the WTC)

Claire | 11 | New Jersey

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