#2527 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
On September 11th Two thousand one. I was in my class it was 7-512. We were facing the towers. We saw the horrably thing happen And then we say the Twin Towers Crumle to the ground. That day is forever burnt into my heart. Now to that day it will be eaiser to rember when i am older to tell my grand children. After school I spent that day with my dearst friends. Word Up to My special peeps Caitlin Omar Jenifer Monty Giovinna Kelly Deliah Anthony Nichole Dana brittney janessa lizz
Justin jarred dom joanthen charlie johnG tristan n all the other people is 4 got Mail me if you live in the bronx

John | 13 | New York

#2454 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I was at school when the first plane hit. I was in science class at school and then they announced in religion that we were going to be let out early. When we got home my mom was crying and hugging me and asking me if I was okay. Then, a year later, I was at the memorial Mass at school and suddenly, I began to feel sad and me and a friend went outside and I broke down crying and sobbing. I was kind of worried after that, but I'm over it now. The night of 9/11/02, I watched a lot of the news and I almost did not get to sleep at all because I was afraid of the terrorists attacking our area. But now, as I said before, I am over it now, but you guys might want to pray for me and for the rest of the country.
God Bless The USA!!!!

Stephen | 13 | Florida

#2421 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I'm not American. America was never my favourite country; and it still isn't. But what happened on 9/11 2002 affected the whole world. At 8:46 am (NY time), it was 8:46 pm Beijing time. My mother and I watched in astoundment as we watched the first plane crash into one of the world trade towers; many of us did. I go to an international school; a mainly American one, and the next day, it was the topic of all our discussions. What had happened? How many people had died? What was going to happen? In the year that passed, noone forgot the images of the atrocities committed on September 11, 2002. At school, we have had tributes, projects, assemblies, peace patches, and songs, all in memory of those who are no long with us because of what happened that day. Yesterday, the students at ISB decided that we were going to wear red, white and blue to commemorate the one year anniversary of the event. I turned up at school completely covered in red, white and blue. When asked why I was wearing the American colours not being an American myself, I thought, It is not necessary to be American to care. The only prerequisite is to be human; and to have a heart. To those who gave their lives that day, and to those who have lost; God bless; I know in my heart that they are watching over us now.
Hui | 13 | China

#2403 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
september 11 changed my life but it wasn't as effected as of those who lived in NY,Wash. D.C., and Penn. so i'll I have to say is that all the people that were affected by this day are in my prayers including the president so that he may continue to make wise choices concerning our country.


Brittany | 13 | California

#2380 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
That morning I didnt' wake up knowing that this day would be put in history books or would change America as we know it the day before. We don't live in a country where fear was present every day. We never went to bed really wondering if we would wake up the next morning or I would see my friend. That isn't how we lived. America was always safe to me. I was always taught America was safe. We are the greatest nation in the world is all we ever heard. I never understood we had enemies. I was grown up in a pretty protected environment. Never worring about anything.
That moment they flew that airplane into the World Trade Center everything changed. I relized that we didn't have a protection shield around us like everyone else said we did. I had a slap across my face. It would leave a mark I will try and never forget.
The United States bonded together in this time of sorrow. It really brought the word united to a hole new level. Beyond anyone or anything describe. We really did prove that our name should be United States.
God Bless America

Anastasia | 13 | South Dakota

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