#2508 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
*On that terrible day.......

I was at work doing exactly what I am doing now, working on a computer..a colleague came into our office and informed us that a plane had just hit one of the World Trade Centers, immediately I looked up CNN and Fox News on the internet and watched as the whole event unfolded. I am a Firefighter myself over here in England and I must say "Our Thoughts Are With You" I have family in America so I know how much it really affected everybody. "*God Be With You All*". "Firefighter in Suffolk, England"

Dale | 23 | United Kingdom

#2483 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I was in my car, following my husband to the repair shop where we were dropping his car off. I heard on the FM morning show I listen to every morning that they had some reports that a small prop plane had crashed into the one of the WTC towers. Amazed, I resolved to tell my husband when we got there. As always, I forgot, and we went into the repair shop to do our business. It was at that moment that the second plane hit the South tower, because when we walked in there was pandemonium in the repair shop. We all watched in horror as the footage was replayed, over and over. He dropped me off at home and I watched the news coverage all day, and chatted on Battlenet (not a url, please leave in, as it is vital to the account), an international gaming network. There, with people from all over the US and the world, we discussed what was going on. I remember the big debate on whether or not the towers would collapse. Everyone was alternately horrified and angry; the general consensus was that whoever had done this was incredibly stupid to rouse the anger of the United States. When the plane hit the Pentagon, I was watching NBC news and they were speaking to a man IN the Pentagon, Tim Olshevsky (sp), their Pentagon correspondent. You could see the room shake, even where he was, and he calmly said he didn't want to alarm anyone but that there had been what appeared to be an explosion there. I thought he was very professional, not blurting out assumptions that would scare relatives and friends but to give what information he did have. Then, when I heard that a plane had hit near Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, I was completely terrified. I live in Pittsburgh, and have MANY family members scattered throughout western and central Pa. I remember feeling humbled at that moment, realizing that I couldn't possibly have understood the pain and fear that family members felt hearing the news of WTC and the Pentagon, but now I had a taste of it. Later, we on the chat debated fiercely whether or not the plane in Shanksville had been shot down. Personally, I believed from the beginning that the passengers had taken back control of the plane and, tragically, couldn't stabilize it,and crashed. I am still haunted by nightmares of those final moments on Flight 93, the perhaps glorious feeling of success soon overshadowed by horror at the knowledge that, despite everything, they were still going to die.

Overall, the feeling of that day was twofold--complete and utter horror that anyone could do such a thing, and amazement at their stupidity for thinking that ANYTHING could break the American spirit...

Jessica | 23 | Pennsylvania

#2475 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I was at school when I heard the news,the shock was very intense. The first thing I did was think of my baby she was 3 at the time. I was glued to the TV for months. I know that I will never truly know the pain of the people that lost someone on 9/11, but it has touched my life. I send prayers and thoughts to all the family members who lost someone.
Tracy | 23 | Alabama

#2472 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
My Name is Shawn and Im a college student in Jacksonville Florida.
on 9-11-01 I was off from work but was planning to go up there to give them my new hours to work because classes started back up. I woke up about 9:00 and turned the t.v. on to see the coverage of the 2nd plane hit the tower.
I just stood there frozen as they said two highjacked planes were flown into the towers. I continued to watch in horror as The towers smoked. Then as they said the pentagon was attacked I felt affraid for my life as a American. All I could say is "The pentagon was attacked." When I saw the towers fall all I could think is did my Friend Kenny make it out alive?. As the day passed I could not belive that America was attacked and what was going to happen to the country. I was able to call My friend kenny late on 9-11 to find he was hurt but alive. As 9-11-02 Came and went all the emotions came back to me and I still can not understand why this happened and How it could Happen.

Shawn | 23 | Florida

#2414 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I remember going to work at 6:00 in the morning, as any other ordinary day. My sister as I later found out was in the hospital delivering her baby. I had intentions of going to see them after I was off of work, but all that changed.

I volunteer for the Winnebago County Sheriff's Emergency Response Team , and I recieved an emergency page. The instructions that came blairing out of the pager that morning really disturbed me. The message was as follows, "All SERT (sheriff's emergency response team) and ESDA (emergency services and disaster agency) members report to the EOC (emergency operations center)IN FULL UNIFORM", now this was a very disturbing page indeed! I am used to going to a Hazardous Material Spill, not this. Wait a minute, what the Hell is going on?

I left work and jumped into my truck, turned on the radio, and heard what was going on that morning. I couldn't believe what I heard. A Misguided plane right??? NO Two planes DON'T make the same mistake!

What a DAY, NIGHT, and DAY again!! I went to Soooo many Anthrax Scares in the County. I put in more hours in one month than I usually put in ONE Year!

However I now had a beautiful nephew, born: 9-11-01. What a day! What a Country! USA BRAVE

Nathan | 23 | Illinois

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