#2515 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
I was working at a television station on September 11th, 2001. I was watching the tragedy unfold, when I saw the second plane hit the south tower of the World Trade Center. I will never forget the feeling of armegeddon, and it just seemed like the whole country was under attack. I drove home early that day, and cried the whole way. I listned to the radio, and they talked about more planes, and possible targets. I couldn't believe the chaos our country faced. God bless the victims, firefighters, police officers, ems squads, and others who were killed on September 11th. And, I hope the hijackers are burning in hell right now, for the way they killed so many Americans. We will never forget, and justice will prevail. God Bless America.
Sad | 25 | West Virginia

#2470 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
When the first plane hit, I had been at work about 20 minutes. It was 7:45 am here in Dallas, and I was the first one in that morning. All of a sudden, the phones of my co-workers started ringing one by one, then mine rang. It was my boss, asking where everyone was. I told him I was the only one in yet, and he asked if I had gotten on the internet yet. I told him no, why? He said that a plane at hit the WTC. I thought he was joking, but once we hung up, I tried to get on cnn.com, it was not working and neither was yahoo. Then my phone rang again, another co-worker. He had heard what happened. Then I believed it was real.

Finally others started getting to work, and we went down to the lobby of my bldg, where there was a big screen tv. Everyone was just in shock. Then they turned on the news in our big assembly room so we went in there, thats where we saw the towers collaspe. We were all crying and scared... Dallas is a big city, were we next??

My company has two bldgs, one in the suburbs and then offices in one of the tallest skyscrapers in downtown Dallas. We were in the suburbs but the majority of the company was downtown, which was being evactuated. So we all got sent home. I then met a friend for lunch so we could talk about what was going on, and everyone in the restaurant was glued to the TV. Once I got home that afternoon, I think I watched TV for about 7 hours straight.

Even a year later it is still hard for me to comprehend what happened that day. I will never forget it, but just think, in 20 years this will be some boring lesson in a history book to some kid in school, just like Pearl Harbor or the JFK assassination was to my generation.

TC | 25 | Texas

#2447 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I was in bed with my children when it hit. WE didnt get up until about 9:00 that morning and when we did I cried all day and my children and I were glued to the tv. I couldnt even bring myself to go to work that evening. I will never forget it as long as I live.
wendi | 25 | Texas

#2418 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
One year ago, I was sleeping in my bed, in my home, with my husband laying next me, and my 6 month old daughter asleep in her crib in the room next me. We were all safe. It was around 4am when the phone rang. My husband said "A plane hit the Pentagon." He's a soldier, he got dressed and went straight to work. At 4am, this did not register. So I fell back asleep. The phone rang again at 6am. It was my sister in New York yelling "The world is ending. Turn on CNN NOW!" I followed her instructions, still oblivious to what was going on. I watched as these two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, over and over again. At this point it was already noon in New York, so all was pretty much said and done by the time I had a clue what was going on. I grabbed ny daughter, because we were no longer safe. We lived on a military base, I feared we were a target. Living on a small island, and all planes grounded, there was no where to run to. So for the next 72 hours, my baby and I stayed glued to the tv, stayed on the telephone trying to get accountability for all of my family in New York, and prayed for my husband and his soldiers. My husband did not have answers to my questions, Why? What is going to happen to us? What about all of those people in New York, my friends and family? All we knew was that the MP's oredered us to stay in our homes, and my husband was told he was going to be deployed. He did not know where, he just had to prepare to fight an unknown enemy in an unknown location, at an unknown time. I did not sleep those first few days, out of fear and out of just plain not knowing what was going to happen next. During that 6 am call from my sister, she said that this was just the "first wave" of attacks. She had more information than I. She was in New York, in the middle of the chaos. I was a million light years away, in Hawaii. The first wave? Lord help us. For the month following I lived, ate, and breathed CNN, anticipating "the next wave." In the end, my husband was assigned to security on the base, so he stayed home, although he worked in 24 hour shifts and we barely saw him for a while. All of my family in New York were physically safe, and some even left there jobs to volnteer for the cleanup in New York City. I spent $100 on bandaids, rubber gloves, bacitracin, and bottled water, and mailed them to the FDNY and NYPD along with letters of thanks and cards. I held my daughter tight and will never let her go. My sense of fear is not as great as it was a year ago. Most of that fear has turned into pride for my country. And soon, I will be in the Army as a US soldier, protecting my daughter, my family, and my country. May God Bless Us All.
Jillian | 25 | Hawaii

#2364 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I had just left the house to get my morning cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. I turned on the radio and heard something about a plane hitting the world trade center. i remember being shocked & confused. the next thing i remember is leaving the coffee shop calling my boss from one of my two jobs to discuss a paycheck issue i had. he said to me "noah, are you f**king watching this sh*t? They hit the pentagon!" i knew right then we were going to war. i drove to work (my other job) and listened to the radio. I arived palefaced and shaking. I said as i entered the room "we're all gonna die" we listened to the radio for the whole day at work. I had to leave early because i was so upset. i had been at the wtc 6 months earlier. there is no reason that couldn't have and shouldn't have been me instead of those who were there. i live in boston i could have easily been on one of those planes. May God save us all for we are in desperate need. Keep the peace and spread the love. never forget...God bless all of you and America.
Noah | 25 | Massachusetts

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