#2488 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I was on the NJTP heading North, when I saw smoke coming from the North Tower. At first I didn't make much of it. But then I noticed people pulling over to the shoulder, and getting out of their cars, looking over to the WTC.
Traffic was slow, and I couldn't get out, but I saw more smoke, and then I knew it was serious. I turned on th radio, and I heard that two planes had hit the towers. At that time I was sure that this was a coordinated attack.
Later at work, we watched on TV, and even later I heard the towers had come down.
I was afraid there were 20,000-30,000 deaths, but I hoped many could get out.
I used to work in 4 WTC, so I was very sad about all the people, and the whole area.
I had a great anger towards the people who did this. I don't care why they felt they had to do this. This cannot be justified by anything.
I went home that day, waiting for my daughter to come home, making sure she was ok. They had explained at her school. I just didn't want her to watch TV that evening.

Roger | 48 | New Jersey

#2042 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On 9/11 I was at work sitting at my w/p with several other colleagues when our supervisor came in and told us a plane had flown into the WTC, her son, a journalist had got reports through work and had 'phoned her with the news. Shock and disbelief was the first reaction, followed by a phone call to my daughter to switch on the tv and tell us what was happening.

Words cannot express how sorry I was at what happened and to all those brave people who helped those poor souls inside the building.

Having visited New York just before the occurrence and having visited the WTC to admire the building and views, it now seems incredible that it no longer exists.

My thoughts, along with many others go with everybody concerned.

Linda | 48 | United Kingdom

#2005 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was sitting at my computer, chatting with a good friend, with my TV on and listening to TV. I heard about the crash immediately and watched the day unfold as Tawnya and I chatted on MSN. We were horrified by what was happening to change America.
I will never forget this day and when I heard about a plane (Flight 93) going down within 100 miles of my home, again I cried and prayed for the victims and families of the attack on America..

Bobbii | 48 | Pennsylvania

#1912 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On that awful day I was on leave and saw the terible events unfold whilst watching television. My thoughts were with those poor innocent people in the planes and towers as all unfolded before me.WHY could this happen WHY should this happen. Who were the evil scum behind it. As we approach the first year of this awful happening I like many can still see those terrible pictures that will live with me forever.
If I close my eyes and recall the events I still see the impact and the following events unfold. Those poor poor people that perished. The hope I have is that the good people on this planet revenge that terrible day and remove the evil so called 'humans' before they can repeat such an act. To hell with the 'do gooders' who stand on the side lines saying don't retaliate. If we dont react to those evil bastards out there god help us. I hope and prey that AMERICA does continue its fight against terrorism and support him in his views and actions over the worlds evil.


Roger Shotton (England)

roger | 48 | United Kingdom

#1774 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was in Jersey City, NJ at Exchange Place going to work at the World Trade Center. That was our home. It was from there that I saw the horror first hand. I'll never forget that sight and sound. God bless all. Never forget and never stop until we find those heartless bastards that did this.
Paul | 48 | New Jersey

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