#1888 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was commuting to a meeting for my department that we were having outside our office. We were to meet several hours. I was minutes from the meeting site when the radio news came through that a plane had hit the first tower. I went in thinking that this was an accident. I told the lady who was preparing for the meeting the news and we chatted nonchalantly. Our boss drove up but sat in his car for a few minutes then came in to tell us the second tower had been hit and all reports were that it was not an accident. He turned on the TV in an adjecent room to the meeting room and we began to watch the events unfold. We tried to begin our meeting and one person monitored the TV. When the towers began to fall, he called us back to the TV. We finally assembled around our meeting tables to discuss what to do next. Our Christian Ministry, FamilyLife, produces a daily radio program that is heard on 700+ stations. We prayed and wondered what should be done as a response. I had spent 20+ years in ministry and I told the group that when a crisis hit families, and words are impossible to find; I had learned that prayer was always appreciated. The boss called people and began the process of lining up several people to call and record prayers for our nation. Those prayers were sent to our distributor and to the stations that carry our program.
I returned to the office to check on others that were still at work. Tuesday and Wednesday, I focused on helping others cope with the enormity of the events. Thursday, I could do nothing but read and listen to the news--it hit home in my heart and life. I wondered what would happen to my life, my family, and the future. My prayer is that we will not forget as we have done so often in our nation's history. God bless America and bless you.

Mike | 49 | Arkansas

#1482 | Wednesday, July 17th 2002
When I heard the devastating news, I went to the airport and handed out rosaries with my family.
Lucy | 15 | Arkansas

#1430 | Monday, July 1st 2002
At the time of 9-11 I was an assistant manager for a restaurant. That morning I had to go in early to take care of a breakfast catering we had scheduled. I remember being in a huge hurry because I had a college class at 9am. I was just a few blocks from home when I heard the news on the radio of the first tower being hit. I remember thinking..oh goodness! But I honestly thought it was an accident. By the time I walked into my front door my boyfriend was glued to CNN. When the second plane hit I was in complete shock. I looked at my boyfriend and said are they replaying it..he said I dont think so. Neither of us said much just stared at the news in complete shock! When they came over with the news of the Pentagon being hit..I remember starting to sob hysterically and saying..Oh my God...we are being attacked!!!! I was soo worried about my parents and little brothers who lived in another state. It took me several hours to get through to them!
While I think that morning will forever be etched in my memory and the memory of my fellow Americans..I also think many of us came away from this horrible horrible tragedy with a new realization of what is really important. For the first time in a long time that day I prayed..VERY hard!
My heart goes out to those who lost someone that day..they may be gone but they will NEVER EVER be forgotten!
With the 4th of July coming upon us...I hope we all have our flags waving proudly and I hope when we see a member of our military, a firemen, a policman,etc..Please stop them and tell them Thank You for the WONDERFUL jobs they do. They put their lives on the line every day so that we may enjoy the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard for!
God Bless Everyone!

Kim | 25 | Arkansas

#773 | Tuesday, February 19th 2002
I received a phone call from my sister telling me that the United States was being attacked around 9:15 on the morning of 9/11 and spent the rest of the day wandering around praying and not quite believing what was happening. My thoughts kept focusing on Sadam and bin Laden...in my heart knowing that it was the beginning of major changes, not just in the USA, but worldwide.

One thing we can be thankful for is that we have a man in the office of President who is strong morally and willing to take a Christian stand on issues...thank God for George Bush. God Bless you, President Bush, and God Bless America.

Sadam...bin Laden...you can't break the USA, nor can you put an end to those of us who are Christian and willing to stand for what we believe is right.

Sandy | 39 | Arkansas

#761 | Thursday, February 14th 2002
i was walking through the university of arkansas student union when a saw a huge group of people gathered around a television, I asked a fellow student what was going on, and he said "a plane flew into the world trade center" at first i thought he meant like a little self piloted plane, but when i saw the screen for the first time, was just bout the time the first tower collapsed. I couldn't believe my eyes, i felt like i was watching a bad action movie or something. it didn't seem real. i was glued to the television all that day, and the events of that horrible day still cling to me.
David | 21 | Arkansas

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