#2482 | Friday, September 13th 2002
My father had the news on while I was in the other room getting ready for work when he called me in. I came running in to watch while the first tower was burning and then we both saw the second plane hit and the first tower go down. He informed me that another plane had hit the Pentagon and a third plane was headed for the White House (flight 93). I remember turning to him and choking out, "Is this the end, Papa?" My knees were quaking and I ran to the phone to call my fiance, my brother and my neighbor. I had to connect with those closest to me. In the days that followed, I remember going through a variety of emotions; fear, anxiety, intense sadness and then intense anger. I wanted to be in New York digging through the rubble, I wanted to fight with our brave men and women of the military. I wanted to be everywhere, helping and fighting. I donated blood, flew the flag and played patriotic songs. I grew up with horror stories of what my parents went through during WWII (they were both resistance fighters with the Underground) but I never thought that I would be participating in our own war on our homefront.
But I will do whatever it takes to preserve our country.

Sandra | 42 | California

#2464 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I was still in that groggy just got up in the morning state when the phone rang, my husband told me to turn on the tv. As I watched trying to grasp what I was seeing on tv I asked is this a joke, this is just a movie right? So many thoughts went through my head, I was up after the first plane hit and then to see the second it just seemed to keep getting worsed. I cried for all of the people lost, and was in shock to see it unfold. Then I began to think had I sent someone on one of those planes (I am a travel agent) and I began to cry. I held my children tightly and cried.

Proud to be an american & military wife.

Heather | 24 | California

#2450 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
At home, startled by an early morning phone call. A call that was to result in complete shock, panic and horror. My family - the entire world as I had known were all devastated. The Twin Towers hit by planes, on fire and now before our eyes imploding!
My husband has brothers on the floor of the exchange, My cousin works in a near by Bldg. My friends and family who are FDNY & NYPD workers - God almighty are they alive?
My daughter barely 4 months old, will she ever know some of these people? My God what if it was nuclear? We would have lost all of those we love, as they all live and work with in a 50 mile radius of the great big apple. Who did this and are you coming near me? I need to protect my daughter& my husband it is my nature. I need to fight for their lives and pray for all of the others. TRAPPED as I am 3000 miles away... I cannot help put out the flames, the fears or dig in the rubble to get to those still alive.... please let there be some life left in there. I am hopelessly watching, trying to find a ray of hope for those lost........
How will these families go on? Please let this be a nightmare! I never want to hear the phone ring again - God I hope the phone rings telling me all of my loved ones are alright. I am and always will be a New Yorker I just live some where else now............. 911 now has a whole new meaning! It is the day we lost the most precious thing of all - Human Life at the hands of a human Animal.
For the spur of the moment these are my recollections, for one more thought. I wish no one had been there - Where was I? Thank you for letting me vent, thank you for giving others a chance to reflect.
For my daughter and family to follow - May you live to see a brighter tomorrow.
Lisa 9/12/02

Lisa | 34 | California

#2419 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
It was only the second week of school for my daughters. They are fraternal triplets, and had just started kindergarten.

Normally, I would have already left for my day as a teacher, but I was on maternity leave. We were in the middle of the morning rush. My not quite 1 month old daughter was sleeping in her crib. My mother called,and told me to turn on the news, that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. I could not take my eyes of the sight. Then, the second plane hit. All the way to school, I had the radio on.

Unfortunately, I was so glued to the events, I didn't realize that my children were also listening. Usually they paid no attention to the radio, but that morning, one of them noticed the talk of people jumping from the building. She couldn't understand.

Everyone probably has an image, memory, or piece that will stick with them forever. I will always remember the heroism of the people that thwarted the 4th plane from hitting its target. I am sure I am not alone when I say that "let's roll!" will now have a more significant meaning. An image of bravery.

Kimberly | 34 | California

#2412 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
The first time I heard about 9/11/01 was at school, but see I had slept in that morning so I came to school late, by the time I got to school we were going to third period. As I was going to class not even knowing about everything that was going on, I passed my friend Amy, and she was trying to tell me about it but I didn’t get it, as I went to my class. Our substitute Mr. Sigler had the news on, but still I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t think anything like that could happen to us today! After school everyone in my family came straight home, my sister and me first then my dad then my step-mom. All of us just watched in shook. That’s when everything registered. The only thing that was going threw my mind was, War? To me war never really meant anything to me till this happened.
I feel so bad for everyone who was hurt physically and psychologically. The people at ground Zero and every one else who helped are heroes and all the people who helped in the Pentagon. But personally my heroes are the people who took over the last plane and didn’t let it hit it’s planned spot.
I will always remember this, but I don’t think that it should have taken 9/11 to bring this country together. I can still see a mental image of the planes hitting the Twin Tower in my head. I don’t like to think about it and I can’t watch the tributes to it. It’s just to hard.

Jaclyn | 15 | California

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