#2113 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Hi Folks,

It' so sad that this day of September had left Sorrowful memories in most of the lifes.I pay my whole hearted condolences to all the people who have lost their dear one's.
On this occassion let's try to spread the message of peace all the way we go and at the same time pave the path for secured and happy life for our future generations.
Long live Humanity,


kiran.k | 23 | India

#1873 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I remember that there was chaos all around and that was how i woke up on september 11 2001 only to find that the world and the country will never be same again!there is no words to describe how i felt at seeing the images broadcast on the T.V.I felt absolutely helpless and really wanted to reach out to all the people who lost their dear ones and above all it seemed so gruesome and so stupefyingly horrible that some people would go to any extremes simply to invoke(what the beleve is)the order of god!even as the second plane hit the second tower i was crying and the atmosphere was simply unforgettable.The pictures of all the people falling out of the two giants will be etched in my memory forever.I couldnt still believe my eyes and i was inwarsly hoping that this was also some gimmic like the one they did in the 1930's based on the alien attack or something...... but if only wishes come true!Now a year has passed and the memories still haunt me and i hope and sincerely do hope that this does not happen in the future or ever.There is no greater pain than loosing ur loved ones.And I also salute the courage displyed by the passengers of the 4th plane that crashed and a greater danger was averted.What is happenning to the world?Is this such a bad world that we cant live in harmony?Or do those people think that by killing some others they can really impose their point of view?well whatever happens this must not repeat for the good of the mankind.And we must also show that one individual cannot determine the way we live.We cannot put an end to terrorisn as long as there is man and as long as there is freedom of speech and thought BUT WE CAN FIND EFFECTIVE MEANS TO CURB IT.

abhay | 19 | India

#1345 | Thursday, May 30th 2002
It was early afternoon when I was in our London office as usual when a group of poeple went rushing to the TV center. What they told us seemed incredible. "A plane crashed in the WTC at NY." After some time another crash closly followed by a third in the Pentagon. I was devastated. What the TV screen was showing appeared to be something from a Sci Fi movie but it was real this time.

It also happened to be my fianse's birthday. She was in India and I was thinking of calling her. But after these attacks making a international phone call seemed to be impossible. There she was waiting every moment for my call. Her friends, relatives, parents, collegues everybody had wished her but the call she was waiting for never came. She was thinking that I had forgotten her birthday and she cried bitterly at night after she lost hope of receiving my call. It was only after two days that I was able to call her and her and explain that may be because of the 9/11 attacks all international calls were probably blocked.

Now whenever somebody mentions 9/11 to me I remember the bitter fact that it all happened on her birthday.

Rohit | 29 | India

#1270 | Monday, May 13th 2002
My husband, Vivek and I were in Moscow on 11th September, 2001. We were staying with a friend and had gone to pick him up from his office. He came out, a shocked expression on his face and handed out a printout of an internet news download. It showed a sketch of the World Trade Centre, with an aereoplane lodged into it!! At first it sounded too ridiculous to be true. But as we read on, we were absolutely shell shocked....
Our thoughts went out to all those thousands of people trapped inside the buildings. We rushed home to catch the latest news on television. The next few days were a nightmare as more and more news of the terrible tragedy came in...

Aparna | 30 | India

#571 | Monday, December 24th 2001
Hai readers,

I am Indian from Andhra pradesh.I came to know about this attack a few hours after it due to timing constraints.It's so sad that even a powerful country like USA had also became a victim of this bloody terrorism.I pay my deep condolence to all the families of the victims.
I strongly feel that Mr.Bush had done a right thing by delcaring a war against terrorsim.But one thing,he should have laid the foundation of WTC on the day itself when he declared the war.I came to know that the person who had taken WTC for lease is ready to built it again.Better late than never.Just build it more stronger and more higher.It should convey that the spirits are high of American's ;infact not only Americans but of everyone who is against terrorism.If by God' grace if I had got a chance to fight against terrorism in the battle field, I will surely fight untill I shed my last drop of blood.It's a promise by the bottom of my heart.
I hope the festival of Christmas and New year will bring this world peace and Joy.

This world has lost it's glory
Let's start a brand new story.
Why don't we stop this evil
killing and destruction and
sing the song of freedom
and Love.
let's join us together
and see the magic
we can do.
Hope veryone who is against terrorism will do agree with me .

Kiran.k | 23 | India

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