#2520 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
Hello, I'm Laura from holland and I just wanna say that everyone in Rotterdam feels sorry for what happend september eleven 2001. We will support you in every possible way. Just believe in God and we will get the bastard We hope that he gets the chair!!! Our Love for everyone who was in NY at the time and who lost a special person

Greets from Rotterdam

Laura | 16 | Netherlands

#2071 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I am an American living in the Netherlands. Born in NYC and raised in North Carolina.
At the time of that most horrific event, I was working in Duesseldorf,Germany. It was my last week there and was to return home on Friday. The office was very quiet on that day and it was very dreary out. It had rained a bit. A customer came into the showroom. This was around 3 in the after noon our time here. He said there was a big fire in NY. We were somewhat confused. One of the others turned on the t.v. and there it was. I was motionless, speechless. Of course everyone turned their attention to me because I'm American. We watched for more then an hour. At the close of business I was on my way to my appartment. I turned on the radio to see If I could learn more. Then the DJ played John Lennon's "Imagine". I broke down. I was glued to CNN for most of the evening, only going for dinner. The streets in Duesseldorf were quiet. Everyone was home. I'll never forget. My boss called me into hos office the next day and talked with me about my feelings. He let me take the rest of the day off.

Andrea | 36 | Netherlands

#1875 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at my work... At that time I had a temporary job.
Just showing a colleague how the internet works... How to browse through a site...
I decided to let her take a look at the CNN pages...
Strange because I almost never looked at the CNN pages anymore... I just typed http://www.cnn.com to show her the pages.
That was at Dutch time 02.55 p.m.
Just a few minutes after the first plane hit the WTC. And a few before the second plane hit the second tower...
First we thought of an accident but than... We heard and saw that a second plane has hit the other tower.
There was no doubt in our (or at least in my) mind that this hasn't anything to do with an accident.
This must be an attempt!
Not so long after the WTC attack we heard about a few planes that were possibly hijacked...
One crashed nearby Pittsburg and one hit the Pentagon.
What was happening in the world? Who are those idiots that were attempting the free world???
It was really clear for me that this wasn't an attempt at only the US but an attempt to democracy...
I went home and watched TV. And looked at the towers... Falling down...
For weeks I was shocked, just as almost everyone in the "free" world...
All those innocent lives that were taken. All the people who will never see their beloveds again...
We never will and may never forget!

Karin | 37 | Netherlands

#1768 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was ill at home when my dad called me ,he said that something was wrong in America and he told me to turn on the TV.I turned on CNN and watched the first tower burning like hell,suddenly the second tower was hit by the second plane,it was live on CNN and I just went on with my things,it took me a couple hours to realize what happened and all I could do was cry,scream and just sit there with my mouth wide open.
It went on and on,America,the country of freedom was attacked,the country where hopes and dreams come true ,I just couldn't believe it.
As I flipped over the channels I saw Bin Laden fans party,thrilled with this tragedy.
I'm not an American,but I always felt connected to America ,more than to The Netherlands,The Netherlands is weak and America is a country of patriotism,a country that's good for my people(I felt bad about not being a Israeli or something because they really mourned,their flag hung half-mast)
The attacks are always in the back of my mind,we have to help all the family of the victims,support America and it's friends and help them with the war against terrorism.
Americans can be proud of their country.

Peace and God bless America.

Noah | 14 | Netherlands

#1725 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
I live in the Netherlands on the other site of the world...I was online, talking to a friend who I only know from a chat who lives in NYC. Inmediattely after the first plane flew in to the North-tower I turned on CNN....I first thought it might be an accident. We had a likewise accident here when a plane crashed in to a high appartment building.

I turned on CNN and than I saw LIVE on tv that the other tower had been struck by a plane and thougth that this was WW3. I tried to contact my friend in NYC but Internet was frozen. I just hoped he was okay (he was and still is). Than I saw the tower crumble down and started to cry and called everyone I knew to tell what happened!

The whole thing made me sad in filled me with horror...what sick mind could do that! I slept very bad that night and several nights after that...thinking of all those people who died and where missing and who was gonna be the next target.

I wish everyone a lot of strenght ang currage.Love, Christel

Christel | 26 | Netherlands

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