#1844 | Monday, September 9th 2002
During the attack, I was at school. When I found out, cold swept through my body, while shedding tears. My teacher was crying. On the Announcements, they said something terrible happened. The terrorists attacked.:(
Alexandra | 11 | Georgia

#1741 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was in my homeroom class.We were doing spelling. All of a sudden the teacher walked in and was crying we all asked what was wrong she said.Two planes crashed into the twins towers.
And then she said there's more.We all looked at each other she said a plane crashed into the Pentagon.
We were all shocked.

Amanda | 11 | Oklahoma

#1698 | Friday, September 6th 2002
When the terrorist attacks occurred, I was sitting at my desk, waiting for the teacher to give directions. My friend raises his hand, and tells the teacher that a plane just hit the building. Everyone, not understanding what my friend just said, ran to the window. We saw something we would never forget. Both of the Twin Towers were on fire. Non of us knew what had happened. We just managed to stand there. It seemed to me that non of us even said anything. I guess we were all just really scared. My teacher said that there was probably just a fire. But we knew that it wasn't just a fire. We all felt that something had happened. About half an hour later, they had collapsed. Right before our eyes. To a bunch of fifth graders, it felt depressing to watch. And the fact that I had to watch it from my classroom window was even worse.

At that time i was in Brooklyn, NY. I had a perfect view of the Twin Towers, but i really noticed them on Sept.11,2001

Marta | 11 | New York

#1492 | Tuesday, July 23rd 2002
where was i when the world stopped you ask? i was alone at my house furious that someone that mean would do that. It was horryifying my mom toldme to watch the tv and what i saw was a fake pictur e, but it wasnt it was real life, happening here in america it was the meanest thing i can think someone would do. watched on tv and saw people mourning. On september 15 i saw it again all the rubble and all the missing people signs it was reaaly scary.that is where i was on Septemeber 11, 2001.
adam | 11 | Tennessee

#970 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I was at school when Big D (our head of school) came in and told us that the wtc's had collapsed but we already knew that the towers had been hit. After that my teacher and I looked on the internet to find information while some other students watched tv with a bad reception. It took a very long time for the sites to load up because everyone was trying to get on. We were also listening on the radio and someone said that there was a hijacked plane over Cleveland Ohio. When we went outside we knew that all the planes were grounded so we were vert quiet listening for plane engines. When I got home that night all I did was watch the news but if you were watching tv there wasn't a whole lot else on beside the attacks even ESPN which I watch alot was showing clips of the planes and telling people to watch ABC there affilitate for more news. I felt bad and still do for all the families that lost peoople in the attacks and i wish i could just get a shot at bin laden for all those families who lost people in the attacks.
Joe | 11 | Minnesota

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