#2292 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in my Advanced English IV class in High School, taking my first test of the year over Beowolf. My main focus was that and a Cross-Country meet I had that day. At 10:00 when classes changed, I had no idea and when I went into my second class I just saw this on the TV and though that someone was joking around that a plane hit the towers. I had no clue until CBS news recaped that two fully-loaded 747's hit, and then it hit me.
Eric | 18 | Ohio

#2136 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in chemistry class at my university. Everyone seemed so distracted, and I didn't know what was going on. Someone then said that two planes has just crashed into the World Trade Center. He laughed, nervously, not knowing what else to do. It was so bizarre; no one knew how to take it.

Afterward, people just stood around, like zombies, staring at the TV. People cried, random strangers hugged each other. The students and staff at the school tried to comfort each other.

It was a frightening, sad, and horrible day. I will never forget it.

Lisa | 18 | Pennsylvania

#2034 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
At first I was at school.. and when I was going home, I met my grandmother on the bus..we talked and the busdriver talked to the people on the bus..and think that nobody knew what had happend..

When I came home, my family was sitting in the living room and they was looking at the TV..and didn't know what has happend, I asked and they said what was going on..

The first thing I thougth of was my two friend that lived in New york..but they was ok..

God Bless America!!!

Siv | 18 | Norway

#2019 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was stiing in history class. Another teacher had come in and told our teacher to turn the tv on. The first thing I saw was the second plane hitting live. I left school in tears a couple periods later. Thusly, my life has been different ever since that oh so crushing day.
Chris | 18 | Ohio

#2013 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I can't recall specific times. But I can recall the motions I went through that day. I was in bed asleep. My friend mark called me and told me to turn on the news. It was then that I felt my heart break. I watched the T.V. for only a few minutes and went outside. It was silent. No birds were chirping, no sounds were coming from anywhere. Then the second tower was attacked. I stayed on the phone for a little while longer. When I got off the phone I called my mom right away and just cried. This is horrible. And to this day I am still heartbroken.


RIP- To all those fallen heros... To everyone that was lost that day...

Danielle | 18 | Michigan

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