#1823 | Monday, September 9th 2002
September 11th will always be in my mind as very few events have affected me the way that day has. I was in my office conducting a training class when one of my co-workers asked to use the television set that was in my training room. When we were able to break for a few minutes I checked in to see what they wanted to see on the TV. To my horror I saw the first tower on fire then the second tower was hit. My company had offices in both towers and we lost many associates and friends that day. The only thing I wanted to do at that point was get to my children and hold them because noone knew what else was going to happen and I feared for their safety. As I watched the events unfold I couldn't help but feel both concern for the innocent people who had died or were injured and at the same time the anger I felt for the cowards that committed this insane act was so great that I have never in my life felt emotions like that at the same time.

My thoughts and prayers are always with those who so bravely and unknowingly lost their lives that fateful day.

I will, as I hope every American, never forget those brave Americans.

David | 36 | Missouri

#1806 | Monday, September 9th 2002
Someone came into our office and said that there had been something happening in america,
"what kind of thing"
"Oh just some kind of plane crash".
When I got home I thought I would put the television on just to see what had happened with the "plane Crash". The fist thing I saw was the World Trade Centre collapsing and throughout that night I got this image again and again and each time it made me feel more and more sick. I thought that a year on the I would be able to watch it again, but I can't. This September 11th we will see these images again and again and I won't be able to watch it. I will never get over how I felt then and I still feel the same today.

Margaret | 36 | United Kingdom

#1689 | Friday, September 6th 2002
I was at Newark Airport getting on
flight 91, the next plane leaving
Newark for San Francisco. An asst picked
flight 91 over flight 93 for me.
The most troubling part of this story
for me is that I'm in law enforcement
and travel armed. In addition I was
meeting another agent on that flight
which means there were 2 of us armed
on the next flight.

John | 36 | New York

#1667 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
I was at work on the morning of September 11, 2001 when I heard about the attacks. I work in the Receiving Unit and a vendor came in and told me about the 1st plane. She was really upset and had been crying. She went on to say that after the first plane hit, there was a second plane and at that point she knew it was a terrorist attack. I was stunned. The word started getting around at work and staff were watching little desktop TVs and turning on radios. Everyone was milling about talking and try to comfort each other. I remember thinking that my brother has an office at the Pentagon and he and his wife frequently have meetings there. I called my mom and she tried to get in touch with my brother, but the phone lines were down. He works for the Department of the Navy. We later found out that he and his wife both had meetings scheduled that day at the Pentagon, but last minute plans kept them from attending - Thank GOD!! I talked to my fiance and he said he woke up to the TV being on and thought a movie was on - he had no idea that what he was seeing was real.

All I can really remember about the day was that I wanted to leave work, pick my children up and go home and hold them. I wanted to be near those I love the most in such a shocking time.

My heart goes out to the ones left behind.


Lynne | 36 | Virginia

#1608 | Tuesday, August 27th 2002
I had just gotten to work and was making the rounds of checking the fax machines & copiers that they were working since they often jammed during the night. I remember passing a co-workers desk and she said oh my god and i said what's wrong she said a plane crashed into the WTC. I also thought it was a small plane and didn't think much else until the second plane hit the second tower. I felt like I was dreaming and desperately wanted to wake up. People weren't working. They were all on the phones trying to get more info since we didn't have TV's only radios. I woke up my best friends mom to ask her but she had no idea and said to call back. I called my dad and he turned on the tv and was speechless. My brother had just spoken to my mom from his office near battery park and said that as far as he knew he was going about his day and would call later. He was one of the many people to work across the bridge to get home well actually to our parents since he couldn't get home to CT that night. Finally we were allowed to go home at one o'clock. Why a set time considering the morning? who knows. But before they let us go home we all met and said the pledge of allegiance and had a moment of silence for everyone and everything. It wasn't until my husband came home that I really watched the TV. I was scared to watch it alone even though my friend said why its history in the making and that was silly and then hung up to go watch it herself. Guess I didn't want to cry alone. I hope to God that this country has learned from their mistakes and will be able to prevent anything like this in the future. I also hope that we as americans also remember what we felt that day and never forget to be proud to be an american
dawn | 36 | New York

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