#1610 | Tuesday, August 27th 2002
I was at the caldwells in NJ not far from NY NY. Attending school in the am when I herd on the radio that the WTC was hit by a aircraft. After the second plane hit I rushed to Weehawken,NJ where I'm employed , on the Hudson river at Harbor BLVD. where as I was traveling down Rt. 80 east I could see the devistation,and in disbelief!!!
That morning NY city was evacuated bringing thousands of people over to the NJ side of the Hudson River. People that were crying, scared,& dismayed.What a scarey day.
Then A up lift happend when I saw 2 F-16s Flying by backing up the American country that employs it!!!!
WHAT A RUSH!!! Never thought I'd see this in my life.Then I went to the roof of the buildings that I'm the Engineer for kneeled and said a weeping prayer for all the parentless children who would never understand what happened!!to mommy or daddy.or why!!!I guess this is the price we as Americans have to pay cause we so successful!!! God Bless all of us who were effected!!!

Mike | 38 | New Jersey

#1562 | Sunday, August 18th 2002
I was standing in my kitchen with two contractors and a wallpaper hanger as the news came across the television. It wasn't real. The only thing I could think of was getting my four year old from school.
Rob | 38 | Florida

#1279 | Wednesday, May 15th 2002
I worked second shift at the time so i was in bed. I got up and got ready to go into work ignorant of what was going on. When i started my truck up and turned on the radio they were talking about a plane had crashed into the Pentagon. All i could think of was what a horrible accident. It wasn't until i got to work that i was informed of the attacks on the World Trade Center. I didn't know what to think. Who could have done this?? Why?? The pentagon i could sort of understand, being the military headquaters of this country...but the World Trade Center? What strategic value did the WTC hold? Being a 12 year navy veteran I tend to think of things in a military mind set. Well, I thought about it for a few days then came to the only reasonable conclusion for my response that i could. I went down to the Navy recruiting office and re-enlisted.

jeff | 38 | Nebraska

#1133 | Friday, March 29th 2002
When the attach happened I was on my way home from taking my Fiancée and his father the airport, they were on the way to business meetings, my Fiancée to Colorado and his father to Northern California. I was to take a plane to Tucson Arizona the same day later in the afternoon. I heard about the first plane crashing into the first tower about a block way from my home, I really can’t explain my feelings but I just hoped it was a dream. I got home about 2 minutes later and turned on the TV. I saw that everything was true. I just sat there hoping that it was not happening but everything on the news told me I was wrong. I called my Fiancées step mother and asked her to turn on the news to make sure what I was seeing what was happening and that is when the second plane hit the second tower. That was when I was really worried about my Fiancée and his father… hoping they hadn’t taken off. Thankfully they were still sitting on the tarmac not being allowed to take off. My fiancée called me on his cell phone and told me he had no idea what was going on, so I told him what I was seeing on the TV reports, all he wanted to do is to get off the plane…. Do you blame him? Well to make a long story short I finally went to pick them both up from the airport and was thankful for that! I never thought I would get on a plane again but I did just this month…knowing that I was going to be okay. They say you don’t have to worry if you take short trips because there isn’t enough fuel in the tanks to make to worth while for the terrorists. But what I went through was nothing compared to what the people of NYC went through, and I pray for them everyday! Just goes to show you that everything hits close to home! No matter how far you are away from the tragedy!
God Bless the USA!

Sandy | 38 | California

#1112 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
i was home. my husband called me from work around 1015am and asked me if i was watching tv (i wasnt) he had me turn on the news, and i put CNN on. it took what felt like an eternity for it all to register & make sense. it was & still is, inconceivable to me that something like this could happen on american soil. god bless those heros who lives were lost, and godbless those new heros found....those of the firefighters & police and volunteers. most of all, god bless america.

s. | 38 | Pennsylvania

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