#204 | Sunday, October 14th 2001
I was logging onto my computer at 8:40 AM on 9/11/2001. As a wholesale provider of insurance products, we had extensive interaction with Empire Healthcare, Marsh, AON, Hartford, American General, and many others in and around the World Trade Center complex. When I got on the intercom to my boss about a pending case, I'll never forget the total disbelief and shock in his voice when he said "A plane has just flown into the World Trade Center." I walked to the President's office where about 15 people were gathered and, for the next hour, we just stood in total silence and disbelief has the horror unfolded. Then reality hit that many of the people we dealt with daily were in those buildings. We are still in shock.
Tom | 51 | New Jersey

#4 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
I was at work when a bulletin came over my computer from MSNBC that a plane had crashed into the WTC. I thought it was probably a small plane and I thought it was just awful. A little later another bulletin came on about the second plane and then the Pentagon. By then everyone was running around trying to find out just what was happening. I thought "Oh my god, someone is trying to wipe us out"! It was an awful, frightening feeling and and I felt total disbelief that this was happening in our country. When what had happened finally sank in I felt sick and I couldn't figure out what I should do - feeling that I should be doing something. My heart ached for all of us but especially for the victims and their families and friends.
Carol | 51 | Virginia

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