#389 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was sound asleep that morning....dead to the world. The phone rang and I fumbled to find it and turn it on to answer it in my groggy confusion. It was my husband at his office. "Do you have the TV on? Are you awake?" he asked. Confused, I said No. He said "Turn it on NOW!" A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center." I thought...."ok, but why wake me up for that?"....I struggled out of bed and limped around the room to get the remote, turned on the tv and saw flames pouring out of the first tower. I was stunned , it looked so awful. I told my husband I felt so bad for the people in the bldg and on the plane but how did they get so far off course? And as I said this, the second plane came in and hit the next tower. I screamed, NO! No! No! He couldn't see what I was yelling about as he didn't have a tv where he was. I told him about the second bldg and we both immediately said,"It's an attack." Two planes wouldn't have done that at the same time by accident. He had to go back to work but I sat in bed and watched in fascinated horror for hours. My chest was tight and my heart cried out for all the people who were trapped. And it was with sheer agony that I watched in disbelief as people jumped from the bldgs. Dear God, how bad must it have been in there for a person to even contemplate jumping from that high up? Then the buildings began to collapse and the horror was compounded. So many lives gone without a chance....even the rescuers. It was almost beyond comprehension. It looked so much like some of the movies we watched that I wanted to tell myself it wasn't real. But it was.

Even when I had to get up to feed all my animals, I kept the tv or radio tuned in to the broadcasts and have not stopped watching CNN since then..now 3 months later. Prior to that I couldn't even tell you what number CNN was on on our cable system and rarely watched news programs. NOw I seldom watch anything else.....out of a fascination I guess with the minds of people who could perpetrate such cruel actions and feel righteous about doing it.
Yes, my sense of security is shattered, tho, in the back of my mind, I always knew it had to happen one day. Those who's lives are filled with misfortune so often blame those who are more fortunate and want to "punish" them for what they have due to their place of birth rather than realize and understand they are circumstances of fate and that they too , but by accident of birth, could have been on the other side. And there will always be those who feel it is their destiny to control others by force.

Fear does not keep me from living my life however. I have flown. I have ridden the subway in NYC even tho I don't live there. I have driven thru long tunnels knowing it would be easy to commit a terrorist act in them. I open my own mail. Life goes on.
My thoughts are with the soldiers from all countries who are giving up their time with their families and, in some cases, their lives to try and make this entire planet a safer place in which all people can live.

Paula | 54 | Indiana

#385 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
Just finished a hard day at work, had a evening meal with my wife, I was laying in my bed watching something on the tele(wasn't interested too tired) when the news flash came on.
It was about 10.30 pm here in Australia, we stayed up till 1.45am watching it all unfold, then up again at 5.30 am watching before we went to work.

SO SAD.......but life MUST GO ON.

Peter | 54 | Australia

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