#1009 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
Tuesday, Sept. 11th 5:30 AM PST, my husband and I were awake, dressed, having coffee and watching the morning news before he leaves for work and I drive 30 miles to babysit my granddaughter Madison. The first news reports were unbelieveable and shocking. "NO, this isn't happening."
Was my first reaction. I telephoned my family immediately. My sister's reaction at first was "What! You're watching TV in the morning?" We watched in silence the rest of the morning. All I could think of was that my grandchild's future was forever changed. Truly, it was the end of the INNOCENSE. Now, we hug each other a little longer and tighter and say "I LOVE YOU" every chance we get. Our sympathy and prayers to the victims families.

Mercy | 54 | California

#987 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I was sitting in my living room watching Good Morning America. Later that news shows title would only bring tears to my eyes. I had always felt very safe in this country, but I can no longer say that. Everyday I wait for the shoe to drop again. I fear for my children, granchildren, my husband and for all my fellow Americans. My son is in the Air Force and so I can feel for all mothers who have sons and daughters far away. I think we became too confident about our safety here. I don't think we should ever forget 9/11. We have to stand by one another and forever keep vigil of our homeland. Thank You Jean Ormond Bch, Fl
Jean | 54 | Florida

#566 | Sunday, December 23rd 2001
i was at work when the news broke. at first it looked like an accident, but after the second and third plan hit,the horror of it set in. how could any one do this to us, and why? we soon learned the answers to those questions. my feelings have tempered some what from 9/11. i no longer feel anger and distrust for every one of middle eastern decent, but i don't know if i will ever be as unbiased as i once was. and just how do you explain to a 6 year old grand daughter a horror that she should never have been exposed to? i have changed some things in my life. i donated money to the rescue effort, have american flags in my car windows, and at home. i now only buy stamps with flags on them. i watch the news every night, to listen and learn. little things, silly perhaps, but importent to me. i had even tried to see their point of view, but it always comes back to this. they have no point. they were, and are, evil bullies. i believe our response is appropriate, and i believe we should continue untill terrorism is no longer a threat.
sharon | 54 | Pennsylvania

#461 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
I had just returned from a morning run. I had turned on the radio and was just about to get into the shower when the programming was interrupted with a bulleting announcing only that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers.

My first thought was that it was a horrible accident and that a commercial jetliner was involved.

I immediately went to the TV and turned on CNN and MSNBC -- kept switching between the two.

As I watched incredulously, the second tower was hit... then the report of the Pengaton...then the plane down in Pennsylvania.

Right after the second tower was impacted, my wife came in the door from her morning run. I said, "This is unbelievable. The World Trade Center has been hit by two planes, the Pentagon has been attacked. The country is under attack."

I sat glued to the TV for the next several hours.

I was in high school when JFK was assassinated and I remember that news hitting home in a powerful way. But the events of September 11th are in a league of their own.

Phillip | 54 | Arizona

#391 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was home, sleeping, when the first plane hit. A good friend who lives in Maine called and told us to open our bedroom blinds and look.

We live in Brooklyn, NY and are about 11 miles from the WTC. We used to see the Towers from our apartment windows.

That day we heard and saw them fall. And watched the smoke and debris reach as far as we live. And past...

Mara | 54 | New York

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