#1076 | Tuesday, March 19th 2002
I was in bus, when first plane has crashed. When I get home, my mother was watching TV. I saw two tower burning. I was in schock. My hole world was dying. Yesterday I was so happy! I look with grateful on my past and my future. And with one hour it has chnged so much! My friend Żaneta phoned me. She was crying... I was crying to... We known that anybody will be same now. We has changed with teh world, with the New York...
PS. I'm sorry for my English...

Paulina | 17 | Poland

#1070 | Tuesday, March 19th 2002
I had to stay home that day because I came down with flu. I remember I had fever and stayed in bed for the whole day. Suddenly my mom came to my room and gave a terrified frown. She told me to switch on the tv and that New York was covered with flames. It was just after the second plane crashed into the tower. First I couldn't believe her words. And when I actually saw it happening, I couldn't believe my eyes. I felt so terrified, started crying. It was as if my whole safe world had collapsed with both towers. I heard people screaming, saw streets covered with dust. It looked like apocalipse. All wars and terrorist attacks I had seen before took place in the third world or they happened in countries which I wasn't very emotionally attached to. But USA means a lot to me. It used to be my biggest dream to visit New York which always seemed to me as a dream city, something incredible to imagine, completely magical, huge, safe and powerful. And out of the blue there comes somebody and destroys this world, kills thousands of innocent people, demages many years of human's work and threatens the whole world. There is so much hate in me now, and I know it shouldn't be like that, but I cannot overcome my feelings. There is so much fear, and even though I don't know anyone who died or who was hurt in that catastrophe there is much pain. Sometimes I try to imagine how did they feel trapped inside, forced to make a choice between dying in flames or jumping out. I saw people jumping out on the news, some of them jumped hand to hand, some of them were crowded in windows waving to the helicopters... and there was no hope for them. I cannot believe, it started just on an average day when everyone went to work as usual, they had breakfast of a fast coffee. Maybe some of them were bored trapped in a traffic jam. Did they expect it was the last day of their lives? There were probably some people who were late for work or had a day off or quit the job a week before the accident. Maybe there were tourists that decided to see Statue of Liberty that day instead of WTC even though they intended to. There must've been so many details that saved some people... I unite with all Americans with my whole heart and wish that such horryfying things where there's no justification for them will never ever happen.
God bless America.
God bless our world

Anna | 20 | Poland

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