#1158 | Saturday, April 6th 2002
I was at school. On this day I returned earlier to home, becouse I had have a confirmation. My friends and I got to known about this tragedy from bishop. It was torrible shock for us. I turned on TV when I arrived to home. View crashing plane it was horrifying. When I saw break down towers World Tride Center and perished in ruins people something hurt me. I sympathize with families of tragically killed person.
Gosia | 16 | Poland

#1157 | Saturday, April 6th 2002
11th September I was church that accept saint sacrament. When I returned home in television I learned attack on World Trade Center.This was nightmare.I sympathy with victims of atacck and their families very much.
Bartek | 16 | Poland

#1111 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
It's hard to say anything about this tragedy. On Tuesday, the day of pain and suffer, we were come backing from school and we were so happy, but when we got to know our faces turned into sadness. On Wednesday in our school we commemorate the disaster with a minute of silence. We cancelled school disco. We are unhappy due to 11th September.
Krystian, | 16 | Poland

#1110 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
I was reading a book...
Suddenly my friend, Ola came to me and she said that something is burning.I turned on the radio.They were telling about the plane which destroy WTC. On my book of pencils I've got a buildings photo. I couldn't belive it was happening. I phoned my friend Krystian. He knew the same that me. Tommorow on English lesson we were talking about the attack. A few days ago my teacher told me that It is a web site with memories from 11th september.
Now I'm writhing...

Pavel | 16 | Poland

#1091 | Friday, March 22nd 2002
sEPTEMBER, 11th...
It was a very strange day, not only because of the attac....

I said to my boyfriend:'This is the end.We're never gonna be together.Goodbye.' And than his father phoned him'Ther;s a war in Japan' e said.My heart was beating fast...I've nearly fallen to the ground; Than my mum arrived and gave us 2 a lift.And I heard on the radio(it was on all the stations):WTC was destroyed,another plane is going to be shut'...

When I came back home, on my own, I could't believe what was happening;And HE phoned me:Maybe there's gonna be World War III;mAYBE now you will stay with me?It's a sign,it's our..-"NO!"I said.

Maja | 16 | Poland

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