#1409 | Friday, June 21st 2002
I was in my geometry math class. At the start of math (9:40 a.m. CT), there would always be daily announcements. At the end, Mr. Harmon, who always does the announcements, told the teachers to go to their mail-boxes in the office and pick up a special bulletin. After that, Ms. Concklin, my teacher, told our class that the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon had been attacked. I remember the class got extremely quiet. She said that for the last 10-20 minutes of class, we'd watch CNN. It was very hard to concentrate and we weren't able to find a working TV.

After math, I had a dentist appointment. The dentist office always had a soft-rock radio station on in the background, but instead of music, they had George W. Bush's speech and news reports from NYC. The appointment lasted long enough that instead of going back to school for lunch, I stayed home. That's when I saw my first images of the planes hitting the towers. My mother took me back to my last hour class (French II) and I was telling everyone how horrific it was seeing those planes crashing.

Post 9/11, especially the week after, were really eerie. Even if kids weren't talking about it, everyone had it on their minds. Not seeing jets in the air was okay, but once they started flying again, I'd be like "wow, a jet".

9/11 is a day I'll never forget and neither will the millions of American citizens.

Nicole | 15 | Wisconsin

#1362 | Saturday, June 1st 2002
I was horrified, shocked, but not surprised. We brought this upon ourselves, people. America isn't so wonderful to the people we oppress. Terrorism is wrong, and the US is definitely in the business.
Loren | 15 | Wisconsin

#1308 | Thursday, May 23rd 2002
I was on my way to school around 8:50 Central time. I turned on Man Cow in the morning and I just couldn't believe what he was saying. It was sureal. At first I thought that he was joking because I never thought that there was so much hatred in the world today. I couldn't believe that people we actually trying to hurt us in a way that was never suspected. When I got into class no one knew what was going on and so I told them and we had a moment of silence and a prayer and my teacher decided to let us leave. I just remember crying in my room with my roommates, it was unbelieveable. I never could have imagined. Right now thoughts still go through my head about that day and I wonder what would I do if one of my loved ones were lost, or why would you do such a thing, or when are we going to get justice? Things that probably go on through everyones minds, but I just wanted to say that I am very sorry and I also am very proud of everyone that had and still are helping out in any way you can. I am so proud and thankful to be an AMERICAN! God Bless and take care.
Stacy | 19 | Wisconsin

#1088 | Wednesday, March 20th 2002
I was ill that morning. I had gotten my kids off to school and the went back to bed. I had called in sick. My husband called me from work asking if I had put on the TV. I had not. He said to put it on right away; there was something huge. After we hung up I watched the news as I had not since the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy in 1986. I am not a news watcher. I am not a TV watcher at all. But over the next few weeks, I was riveted. I was concerned for the victims and the survivors. I was praying for them all. I still am and I am so grateful to the heros who have given their lives for our country and our people. I am particularly touched by the heroism of the crew and passengers of flight 93 which went down in Pennsylvania. I pray for the lost and for their families and other loved ones.
I am from Wisconsin and we here were physically far removed from the violence. But it has effected our lives like anyone else's. Terrorism is poison. It gets in the air and it contaminates everything. But we are Americans and we will triumph. God Bless America!

Momma | 36 | Wisconsin

#1083 | Wednesday, March 20th 2002
The morning for me was normal as I, as a mother, was helping Louis and Kyrsten get ready for school. We always have the television on for news updates, school late starts or closings and ect. As we were buzzing around, hurrying, in order not to be late for school, we heard a terrible news flash: The one of the Twin Towers were on fire. As reported, the media didn't know what caused the fire. It appeared to us as we sat watching in shock and horror, it was an explosion of a high intensity. We watched and listened, turned the television volume louder, not to miss the information. In a few seconds, the media were talking to people on the phones that were near the site. They reported that a plane had crashed into the Tower! At that moment, we knew it wasn't an accident. We were in such a state of shock, saying to each other, how are all those people going to get out! We anxiously waited for more news but the information was the same on every channel, no one really knew what was going on. We prayed and prayed for the people in the Tower. We were all shaking. It was getting late for the kids to be to school on time. I drove them to school,not really remembering the drive, with my mind on the people in the Tower. Arriving back home, I surfed around the channels to hear anymore new news. Then I saw the second plane crash into the second Tower! I immediately started to weep. The media was saying people were jumping to their death! I, then, not really thinking clearly, tried to put myself in the situation of the people who thought the need to jump. I couldn't. What a horrible, horrible feeling. I couldn't even begin to feel the fears, thoughts or horror going through the victims minds. All I could do was pray and weep. As I was watching, the Tower collasped into millions of pieces! I watched in disbelief. Then the thought of my husband, who is a truck driver, jumped into my thoughts. He sometimes travels in New York. I was even in more tears, trying to call him on his cell phone with no response. I called continuously with no response. Watching in horror as the second Tower collasped, hearing of the plane going down in Pennsyvania and the a plane crashing into the Pentegon, thinking what is going on here! The thought of terrorists entered my already fearful mind. I kept saying to myself, we are going to war! War! What a horrible thought after this tradgedy, losing even more lives! I remember thinking what kind of a sick twisted group of people would do such a horrible thing to the USA, hating us so much! I still couldn't get in touch with my husband. I was dialing frantically and contiusously with only being able to leave a message on the voice mail. The worst thought went through my mind as where he is was that he was in New York. I prayed and prayed that he would be ok. Finally, as I was still at the edge of my seat, listening, weeping and praying, the phone rang, startling me as I think I was still in shock over the tradgedy. Answering the phone, I was relieved, my husband was on the phone letting me know he was ok! I thanked God again and again! I live in Wisconsin, far away from the tradgedy. I could not bare what all the people went through in New York, Pennsylvania and by and in the Pentegon. I give a lot of credit to all the people who withstood the tradgedy. I think that all the people involved with the terrorist acts should be punished as the people see fit that had been hurt and lost loved ones. I pray that all the injured people will be healed and that the ones who comitted the horrible act will be prosecuted to the fullest. Here in Wisconsin, we are all still feeling the pain and saddness of the terrorists horrendous acts. God Bless the USA!!!!!!!
Lori | 39 | Wisconsin

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