#753 | Monday, February 11th 2002
I was on my way to work. Driving on Rt. 3 west in Secaucus NJ. It was my daughters first day at work, so we were speaking of what would be expected of her in her new roll, receptionist. I looked at the skyline (like I had done every day of my life living in Jersey City it's an easy thing to do)I noticed white clouds surounding the trade center, Isn't that unusual I said to Erin. I turned on the radio and heard the news, I thought what a terrible accident,then I thought of terrorists. As I rounded the turn for the Hospital where we work, the reporters on the radio were confused one said another plane had crashed into the towers and the other said no that's the building collapsing. I knew then life would never be the same.
Rita | 45 | New Jersey

#498 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I was in bed asleep, when my husband called me from his job, right after the first plane hit the first tower. I immediately turned on the TV, had to be up close, didn't even have my glasses on yet....my world along with the rest of the world's changed forever. God Bless America !!!
Unity | 45 | New Mexico

#426 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was off work that day for my mother-in-laws funeral. My husband came outside on the deck and said a plane had crashed into the WTC. I'm from New Jersey so I ran in to see what was up and it was being reported as an "accident". Then all hell broke loose; the second plane hit and we knew immediately that this was no "accident". We spent the entire morning in tears, glued to the set watching as events unfolded and the towers collapsed. God....what an awful day September 11, 2001 was. May all the victims rest in peace.
Charlotte | 45 | Texas

#343 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was at work in beverly hills,ca. My partner was jim webster and we are ironworkers. the first information was simply that an airplane had hit a skyscraper in new york. this was about six a.m. our time. then we learned of the second plane and we were numb. it was unbelieveable that people are capable of doing things like this. this is not the end of this type of behavior un fortunately. we are going to suffer people killing people for as long as misguided stupid extremist ideas rule peoples thoughts. this is true of every religion and every human group. I just wish there was someway to make people see how wasteful it is to be full of hate.
Wendell | 45 | California

#341 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I'm an American living and working in Korea as an English teacher. Been here for 5 years. Love it, but miss home.

That night (time difference, remember?), after a long day, I was at my Korean friend's house studying (actually keeping the 2 boys from watching TV. In Korea, the kids rarely play, only study.) I had just finished studying with the youngest, who is in the fifth grade.

I was out on the balcony having a cigarette, as they can't deal with the smell of cigarette smoke. About half -way through my smoke, I hear the Korean equivalent of Holy S - - -, and the oldest boy, a seventh grader, runs out on the balcony and says, "Mark! Big boom, many, many! New York City! Washington D. She! Octagon Army place! Very, very bad! And house your Mom live Pittsburgh near , I think! Die many people! Very, very, sorry Mark!"

I had no idea what he was talking about and told him so, so he literally dragged me into the living room, where the TV was on.

At first, I was going to yell at them for watching TV (their parents are very strict), then I saw the screen that had the first World Trade Center building on fire. My mouth dropped open and I sat down on the floor. Hard.

The youngest crawled onto my lap and gave me a hug and kept saying "Very, very sorry, Mark! Very many sorry!"

The older one asked if he could turn to KBS, the Korean channel, so he could understand what was happening. I said yes. Identical picture on all channels, actually.

So, we watched the Korean channel as the second plane hit, through the collapses, the whole terrible scene as it happened.

The boys' neighbors knew that I was there and they know that I am a mi guk sa ram (American) and began coming to the house to say basically the same thing: Very sorry and America good! Korea support!

After the boy's parents came home, they basically said the same thing as the neighbors and the boys and insisted that I call my house and see if everything was OK. I knew from looking at the maps on KBS that the Pennsylvania crash occurred well outside of Pittsburgh and that my parents were OK.

But, I didn't know that I had 2 cousins who were involved: One worked at the World Trade Center, and another at the Pentagon.

When my friends heard this, again came the hugs and the I'm sorry's. The fifth grader wouldn't leave my side; I had to sleep there that night.

Turns out that the one who worked at the Pentagon was fine. The one who worked at the World Trade Center was missing. She was recently declared dead.

So, at least one thing is certain: Korea is with America! At least the residents of my friend's Apartment building are!

Mark | 45 | Korea, Republic of

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