#137 | Saturday, September 22nd 2001
I was asleep. I know it's not exactly the ideal thing to say, but it's the truth. It happened over an hour before I woke up, and when I did awaken, it was to the sound of a guy eight rooms down the hall yelling "THE WORLD IS ENDING."
Phil | 18 | Kentucky

#79 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I was getting ready for my 9:30 CST class in my dorm room at Western Kentucky University, when a friend of my roommate called to tell us to turn on the television. The channel he gave seemed odd - I remember recalling that it was the news channel and wondering why we would want to watch it. Then we turn it to the channel and there's a slow motion shot of a plane slamming into the WTC. I skipped my classes that day to keep up to date on the news as it came in, and frantically called everyone I knew that is in or knows someone in the military to check on them as well.
Nichole | 19 | Kentucky

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