#756 | Wednesday, February 13th 2002
I just hope america stands tall and together from this moment on
michael | 24 | Minnesota

#488 | Monday, December 17th 2001
I was at school! 1st hour class! I'm in 8th grade and a kid went to take down the attendance sheet and he came back saying that everyone in the office was watching something about a plane crash. So they teacher next-door came in and told my teacher that a plane had hit the World Trade center! She turned on our TV and there was the news..on almost every chanel! And we all began to watch it while working on our spelling homework! Then We saw the other plane hit!! We were all kinda scared at the same time confused! So we watched the videos they had w/ ppl calling in and telling whats going on!
Then we went to 2nd hour and we werre watching it again but turned the sound off so we could work..but then we all saw the picture of the plane into the pentagon and turned the volume on to hear it all! We heard Bush's speech's and saw all the videos!
OUr classes were the only ones in the school to watch this because we are the oldest in the school and the teachers didn't want to scare the younger ones! but then the principal came to talk to the teachers and told them to turn it off because o few people were really starting to get scared!
So we went through the rest of the day not knowing whats going on ..but last hour..at about 2:00 pm My social studies teacher (3rd hour)...Everyone found out that both towers had fallen by then and she was out of the room..then when she came back in all the kids told her and she had fallen to her knees and started crying, we all relised how many people had died right then!
So our classes that week had got in touch with a school in New Jersey where 6 kids in the school had lost their dads! We gave many things to them to help, and are like school pen-pals!! I will always remember every detail about when i heard what happened and hope nothing liek that happens again!
If we believe in God, he will help!! God bless America and everyone who was involved in helping out at ground 0! i hope i can meet some of you someday and hear your story! I want to be just liek you when i grow up!!!

Kelly | 13 | Minnesota

#436 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was on my way to work when they announced on the radio that a plane had hit the WTC. I grabbed my cell phone and called home to have my wife turn on the news to see what was going on. As we were discussing the crash I could hear my son (12) in the back ground saying "Mom! What's that plane doing?!" To which she replied, "It's probably just a news helicopter'. As she turned to see the TV, they both watched in horror as the second plane hit. This will be in everyone's memory - forever...
P | 37 | Minnesota

#417 | Sunday, December 9th 2001
I feel so bad about what happened september 11th and I was at school that they. I heard the news when we were down in the auditorium for Fundraiser prizes and announcements I felt really bad I started praying to God almighty about this. I think this tradgy happened because America was pulling more away from God and not praying to him. This reminds me of Israel In the Old Testament where whenever they fall away from God God does something to have them come back to him and worship him. I think this is one of those incidents were God knew that America was pulling more and more away from God So that is why I think God wanted this to happen, because nothing absoulotly nothing is done without God seeing this This was all part of God's Plan I think.

Sam K.

Sam | 14 | Minnesota

#360 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
Dear wherewereyou.org,
I was at a fundraiser when I found out. Over the next few days I cried a total of twice. This was hard on me until I found that I didn't really think such a situation was at all possible. I have thought so ever since.
Mr. X

Mr. | 28 | Minnesota

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