#1623 | Friday, August 30th 2002
I remember vividly where I was on that
day, which will always be in my memory.
I was sleeping during the World Trade
Center/Pentagon attacks. I had to work
that day, part time at a convenience
store near my house. I had the alarm
clock set. My mom woke me up, told me
that my aunt had called, saying someone
had flown a plane into the WTC in New
York City. I, having just woken up,
thought she was kidding and thought
I must be dreaming, and I remember
asking "Are you serious?" Something of
that magnitude was just so hard to
comprehend. Why would someone attack us
for? Doesn't this country always help
others in need when they need us? Why
would anyone hate us? These are all
questions I have since that day, and
some I'm sure will never be known.
I did then what everyone else did
across the country, and the world, I
think--I turned on the tv in my
room and watched. In awe and terror, I
saw the planes crashing into the towers,
people running, walls of dust rushing
down the street like a tidal wave. I
watched and I watched, as every channel
I turned on had the same images of the
planes crashing into the towers, over
and over. Burned into my mind,
something I don't think any of us that
saw them will ever forget. And now,
even though I live nowhere NEAR where
the attacks occured, I find myself
listening very intently every time a
plane goes overhead, just hoping it
won't come closer to where I am. Even
thunder scares me. I recently woke up
by a loud boom of thunder during a
thunderstorm and immediatly thought a
bomb had gone off and I actually laid
there thinking I would die, until I
heard the rain. But still, now, it
amazes me how much a country can come
together when it is attacked. When the
attacking cowards intended to tear this
country apart, divide us and destroy
us. They only made us stronger.

Angela | 21 | Minnesota

#1467 | Saturday, July 13th 2002
I woke up and my mom was watching tv and listening to the radio, and they were talking about a plane hitting a twin tower.. Me, being stupid as I am.. had nooo clue what the twin towers were.. I didnt think anything of it. Then I was in my computer applications class and my teacher had a tv on. We seen the second plane hit, and we sat and watched it during class. We did that in every class.

It was very weird to have it happen to the US... you just wouldnt think about it until it really does happen.

Amanda | 17 | Minnesota

#1174 | Thursday, April 11th 2002
I was at school in Civics class and we turned on the TV at about 9:30 and saw what had happened. I'll never forget the chill that went through my spine. I still can't believe it happened.
Jake | 15 | Minnesota

#986 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
Sept 11,2001 at 7:45 am I went to the bus stop to wait for the bus going down town Saint Paul to work. I got to work at 8:15 a.m. There were people standing by the copy machine talking about "some plane hit a building" Okay I was still tired and I wasn't paying attention to them, then more people started talking about how they saw the video of the plane hit the building. I remember commenting to myself as I walked back to my computer that I needed to watch the news more often. I didn't equate what they were saying with America because the word Terroism came up. I am 24 in my life the only thing in America that has been really equated with a terroist is a toddler. Terroism and America don't fit. At least not before 9/11. Okay so I got to my cubicle and turned on the country station and hear OH MY GOD OH MY GOD....some lady is screaming. Then the reports started flooding in one right after another. 2 planes hit the WTC, "this just in the pentagon has been bombed" and there are 4 planes still unaccounted for, wait a plane went down in a field in PA. May be unrelated. I was thinking Yeah Unrelated my ass. I was scared. I was almost crying, my phone rang and it was my mother. I am a sensitive person and she wanted to see if I was okay. I can't pin point the moment but sometime right after I heard the initial reports and before 9 am. central time I ran up to the security desk on the 3rd floor, they have a tv that is tuned to CNN, I didn't get to see much because there were so many people. I went back to my desk and sent the loan documents to the lender by 9:10 am. I hear as I am sending them that the sears tower and the Mall of America is being evacuated. I am really nervous now. My phone rings it is the lady that works in the next cubicle's son, I say anne is in training can I take a message, he tells me to get ahold of her asap because his sister from NY called, I gave him the trainer's direct number and Transferred him up there. Then I hear "Everyone can I have your attention, Turn off your Computer and GO Home now. Leave the downtown area. I was going why is a building in downtown Saint Paul MN being evacuated.(not like I wanted to stay at work) Then I realize the Mn trade center is only blocks away and the State capital bldg is less than a mile from us. I shut off my computer and went to the bus stop. I was so terrified of being downtown I took the first #8 I saw. As long as it got me out of downtown. I had a 10 Minute wait for the transferring bus and went directly to my childrens day care across the street from my apartment. I hugged my 1.5 year old and my other son was at his first day of school. I left him at daycare because he didn't need to be around the tension. As I came to the door my husband did. We turned on the TV and that was when for the first time we saw the plane hit the building. Then the tower collapsed and we saw people running. Then the dust covered streets. I said God David it looks like the opening sequence of Terminator 2 Judgement day. We sat and watched the news all day. I cried all day. Especially at night when they started showing the posters of the missing. I didn't sleep well that night. The next morning I went to work. All I could think of is gee I can throw the computer threw the window to get out. I was planning escape routes and scenarios in my head. I avoided the elevators and the skyway. Panic attacks led me to quit my job 9/18. I had a major Panic attack that Friday and got home in time to watch the Memorial service. I remember that on the bus ride home that day We passed by a red cross there was already a line to donate blood at 9:30 in the morning 10:30 NY time. I never did like George W. but that night I watched the statement he made and I liked him that night. God bless America. I will never forget.
Heather | 24 | Minnesota

#970 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I was at school when Big D (our head of school) came in and told us that the wtc's had collapsed but we already knew that the towers had been hit. After that my teacher and I looked on the internet to find information while some other students watched tv with a bad reception. It took a very long time for the sites to load up because everyone was trying to get on. We were also listening on the radio and someone said that there was a hijacked plane over Cleveland Ohio. When we went outside we knew that all the planes were grounded so we were vert quiet listening for plane engines. When I got home that night all I did was watch the news but if you were watching tv there wasn't a whole lot else on beside the attacks even ESPN which I watch alot was showing clips of the planes and telling people to watch ABC there affilitate for more news. I felt bad and still do for all the families that lost peoople in the attacks and i wish i could just get a shot at bin laden for all those families who lost people in the attacks.
Joe | 11 | Minnesota

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