#737 | Thursday, February 7th 2002
On September 11,2001 I was sleeping when my mom came in my room and said " Oh my god Sheena, a plane just crashed into the WTC!" I immediately jumped out of bed and went into the living room and turned on the TV and watched in horror. I didnt know what to think I was due to have my baby anyday and I was so scared. I woke up my sister and told her the news and we watched the news as my husband and our mother went off to work. We were so scared for our loved ones. We will rise from this America and come back strong. GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

SHEENA | 19 | Arizona

#648 | Wednesday, January 23rd 2002
I was driving to work, listening to the usual banter on the radio, when all off a sudden, one of the announcers said, "We're getting a report of a plane, a small one, I think, hitting the World Trade Center". Having worked in the aviation industry, I figured that it was probably a pilot error. However, when the second one hit, I knew it was deliberate. I made it to work, but when I got there, everyone was listening to the radio, and one guy told me that the Pentagon had been hit. That news really scared me. You would think that the Pentagon would be much more well guarded from air attack than commercial buildings.

I don't really know why I went to work, I guess I thought it would probably be a relatively normal day. I mean, major events have happened before, right, and the day goes on? Well, as we continued listening, I knew that this day would be anything but normal. We rigged up a TV connection in one of the conference rooms, and watched CNN as the towers burned. What I really remember seeing was the little news line scrolling on the bottom of the screen saying "All air traffic in the US has ceased". I mean, cessation of ALL air traffice has probably never happened before, and the fact that ALL air traffic had ceased in such a short time told volumes about how serious the authorities were taking this event, and from later accounts, probably averted more attacks. We all sat there, watching the news unfold, and there was sort of a group gasp when the first tower fell. When I went back to my desk there was a message from my wife waiting for me, asking if I knew what was happening. It was quite reassuring to hear her voice. She was watching TV at home, where all channels were broadcasting news. After deciding that I should be at home, I packed up and left. I don't remember my 2-year-old daughter being particularly bothered by the event as we watched it on TV, but I'll be sure to tell her about it when she's old enough. We went into the backyard to get some fresh air, and what really struck me was the errie silence. We live in the flight path, so there is always a plane flying nearby, making noise, but today, complete silence.

I was listening to that song "Where were you (that September day)", and it struck me that the song doesn't say which "September day" it is referring to, and how unnecessary it would be to say. Kind of like saying, to a WWII veteran, "Where were you on the December day?"

Kevin | 33 | Arizona

#549 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
That day will live on forever I was sitting in class and the princeable came over into each and every class and since our class is room #1 we heard 1st he said he felt sorry I think he was mostly talking to our teacher because her son worked at the World Trade Center and he had died I remeber our teacher crying and crying she hasnt been back to school shes coming back after christmas but I know she wont be the same because that was her only son his wife and 2 children moved in with her to help her but I remeber how all my friends and I started to cry over and over again one of my friends dads had been in New York at the time but he didnt die he'd been in a different area but he still got pictuers of the place and how it looked i felt terrible and that piece of Histopry will live on 4-ever in all of our lives wether we be young old we will have a piece of history that will devastate us for the rest of our lives!
Brittany | 15 | Arizona

#487 | Monday, December 17th 2001
I am a native New Yorker but I live in Tucson and I go to the University of Arizona. I woke up early on the morning of September 11th because I was starting a new job on campus. I was in the shower when I heard that there was something going on in New York City. I quickly got out and turned the television on just moments before the second plane hit. My father had just woken up and the two of us stood in front of the television riveted by what we saw. On my way to school that morning, I heard on the radio that the first tower had come down. When I heard of the second tower coming down, I was in the bookstore. I had to leave because I just broke down into tears. Later on that evening we found out that a good family friend of ours had been in the blast and that he had made it out ok. Two days later his picture was all over television and magazines as he helped two women down the street after they got out. All three were covered in dust, soot, and blood. The first week after September 11th is seemingly a blur in my mind. But there are moments that will stand out forever. I will never forget where I was that morning.
Shannon | 19 | Arizona

#461 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
I had just returned from a morning run. I had turned on the radio and was just about to get into the shower when the programming was interrupted with a bulleting announcing only that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers.

My first thought was that it was a horrible accident and that a commercial jetliner was involved.

I immediately went to the TV and turned on CNN and MSNBC -- kept switching between the two.

As I watched incredulously, the second tower was hit... then the report of the Pengaton...then the plane down in Pennsylvania.

Right after the second tower was impacted, my wife came in the door from her morning run. I said, "This is unbelievable. The World Trade Center has been hit by two planes, the Pentagon has been attacked. The country is under attack."

I sat glued to the TV for the next several hours.

I was in high school when JFK was assassinated and I remember that news hitting home in a powerful way. But the events of September 11th are in a league of their own.

Phillip | 54 | Arizona

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