#460 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
I was in bed in NE Phoenix when my alarm went off. I thought it was a prank that the DJs usually did, but then I heard "CNN." My eyes shot open, an' I turned on CNN to the second tower collapsing. I just sat in my bed in disbelief.
Daniel | 24 | Arizona

#377 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was sitting in my living room having my morning coffee, when I decided to flip through the television channels. All of a sudden I saw the first crash...
I was covered with a wave of chills and utter disbelief. I ran into my roommate’s room and woke him up. I was screaming and shouting come here, come here!! I can't believe it; we've been attacked! Then the second plane hit and we both turned to each other "What the hell?" Who would do such a cold and heartless thing to innocent men and women whose only crime (that day) was going to their jobs? The remainder of the day we both sat in total silence and disbelief as the horror unveiled.

Luke | 39 | Arizona

#304 | Thursday, November 29th 2001
I was in bed and when I awoke, I turned on the TV. At first I wondered what the hell happened as I saw the smoke billowing from the WTC. I watched in disbelief, and to me it seemed like a plot from a movie. I dammned those responsible to hell.
How can anyone do such a thing? Those sub-humans have earned my wrath.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

Peter | 42 | Arizona

#303 | Thursday, November 29th 2001
I was asleep on September 11th, having worked the midnight shift. A friend called me and said "Turn your TV on" I was kind of sleepy and said "why?" She couldnt say anything, which is highly unusual, so I got up, turned the TV on, and my reaction was "Oh My God!" over and over and over again.... I was speechless.
Needless to say, I stayed up all day watching TV, even though I had to go in again that night to work.
I could not comprehend that people could do such horrible things. It was mind boggling.
People at work that night were stunned, angry, upset.

Barbara | 48 | Arizona

#233 | Saturday, November 3rd 2001
It was the first cold morning in Arizona in a long time. I thought about getting my jacket but was running late as usual and walked briskly out the door with my usual attire, backpack, and no food. All I was worrying about was if I was going to get a chicken sandwich or pizza for lunch. That was about 7:00am, mountain standard. As soon as I got on the bus, the radio DJ announced the tragidy. At first I thought someone just bombed a building like in the Oklamhoma Bombings and thought "Whoop...I can't do anything so who cares?" During the ride to school I just listened to see what it really was and some girl on the bus broke down in tears. He dad had flown to New York on business just the day before. His destination? The Twin Towers. I went strait to the cafeteria to watch the television. Luckly, CNN was on so I could catch up on the event. They showed the first plane hit over and over and over. My eyes just went wide and my mind blank. How could they show it like that as if it were similar to fireworks on 4th of July? Did they expect me to ooh and awe? All through out the school day all we did was watch CNN and disscuss everything. There was so much anger in the words people were saying. A lot of people were protesting and saying who they think did it and how we should kill them. 9.11.01 was the day I came to realize how much we take for granted and how much HATE is in our society. Especially in us kids. It's sad that is something as monumental as this for people to realize where and who they are and how much more they have than so many others.
Brittanie | 16 | Arizona

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