#1985 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I am an Australian, so when I first heard that the Trade Centre had been hit by a plane it was late at night on the 12th of September. I had just celebrated my 17th Birthday the day before. It took a time while for the whole situation to sink and I didn't cry about it until the 8th of September this year while watching Australian 60 minutes.
God Bless You All and Stay Strong

Megan | 18 | Australia

#1891 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
Where I am now on the internet. Actually being from Australia it happened late Tuesday night, like exactly about now and I was talking to someone in the US on a chat program and they said that a plane had hit a building a few streets away from her. I had no idea what she meant and thought she meant just a small lite plane. I had never really heard of the Trade Centre before that as it dosen't play a big part in Australia. She said she was shaking and cryning and felt like vomiting. As I really didn't understand what was happening I didn't take much notice of her. The next morning when I turned on the TV as I heard on the radio news that America was under attack and war had been decalred I thought wow what was going on. I couldn't believe what I saw and just as I was about to turn it off to got to uni they started collapsing. Everyone was stunned and no one was talking at uni. Being thousands of miles away it didn't seem real and it still doesn't. I can't imagine what it must have been like for those involved. I still can't imagine. I hope now though we can start to move ahead as a united world and wipe the SOB's out who are responsible and not let anyone take their place. This must never happen again. War must never happen again cause no one wins a war.
Terina | 37 | Australia

#1885 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
September 11 was a day that I would remember, I got my licence that day. I was scheduled to play basketball but there was a bye, (we didn't play) so that night I went to watch volleyball at my stadium. I came home later that evening. My dad was watching the TV with an intesnse and some what worried look. I asked what was wrong, and he said have a look. It seems that a plane has hit one of the WTC towers. I looked at the TV and saw the smoke emerging from the impact site. I looked at my dad and I said to him, what was a plane doing so low? Dad, I think that this is no accident. The time is a bit fuzzy, it all happened quickly but I remember that my Dad and I were still watching CNN reports of the first plane slamming into the tower. When in the background of one of he camera shots we could see another plane. My dad says is that a helicopter or a plane? I said oh my GOD dad that plane is going to hit the second tower. No more than seconds after I said that, it slammed into the South tower. I remember my Dad and I looking at eachother almost in disbelief. We were flicking threw channels to see what the reports were saying. All of them had the same image, the WTC with the darkest of smoke coming out of it. I remember I started to think of the people inside. I started to get all teary and my breathing started to increase. Everyone knows of what events followed. The Pentagon hit, and the heroic passengers of Flight 93 who gave their lives to save others.
Then, what I thought and prayed that it wouldn't did happen. The towers collapsed. It was then that I started to cry uncontrolably. My body went cold, as I watched those Towers come down. I felt inside my soul those lives that were lost in those towers. I felt a part of my humanity detatch. I never can say enough of how I felt when this happened.
The haunting images, that even at night when I am falling asleep can still vison clearly are the people who took thier life by jumping from the WTC. The reactions from the people on the streets.
I remember it like it was yesturday. I remember the faces that I saw, the reporters that were doing their job. I remember the sound of the fire engines, police and ambulances. I remember that silence that followed when the towers collapsed. I remember the look on Pres. Bush face when he was told of the attack.I remember the expressions of the news anchors, esp Paula Zahn who gave me some sense of calm. I remember the voices I heard. I remember that night, the next day and the days that followed how I felt, what I saw. I will never forget. I lived through a day where pure evil took almost 3000 lives, I saw their death. I saw hero's go in to save lives who never returned. I saw many people's funerals, I saw many morn. I saw human existance through love. But most of all I saw New York and America rise from the dust of the WTC.
I am not an Amercian, I live in Australia, but I felt every part of New York and United States when this happened. I love America for what it stands for and one day, I would love to visit. There is much to say about this day though I think that no matter where you are on this planet we call home, no matter what age, race or religion, September 11 will never just be another day. It will be forever remembered for the attack on America but more for showing that love and peace conquer.
May all souls lost that day rest like Angels in heaven with our Lord. May all the families affected be at peace by remembering their loved one/s. May God Bless America, and all of us.

Jennifer | 22 | Australia

#1880 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was 12 years old and at home in bed. When mum woke me up and told my I just kept saying "no way. ha, no I cannot belive it" when I was watching it, it was like I was really there and I just cried. All those people gone like that with not even a chance to say goodbye. They could have been fighting with the one who they loved and never got a chance to make up, and the buildings, never to be replaced that just vanished and left a mark and ground 0. I am at my home watching the T.V with the memorial on and I still cannot get over all the people who were on the ground just looking up at the burning towers wondering why all this had to happen. I think it was the worst day in history.
Alice | 13 | Australia

#1878 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
get over it americans, this was bound to happen sooner or later to the most hated country in the world! im sure i was doing something more important than watching the news! on the 11th of september 11/9
Adam | 23 | Australia

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