#1947 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
September 10, 2002

September 11, is our wedding anniversary. How can you celebrate a day like that, or a birthday, or any happy occassion? I was sitting in the bedroom, playing with my grandchildren and we had on some children's program. My daughter ran into the room and said change the channel quick, you won't believe it. We were stunned and watched tv all day. I still can't believe the two towers fell. I still cry, as I am sure many do, for all the lost souls. I pray for them and their families.

Donna | 52 | Louisiana

#1826 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was actually in Class when the first plane hit. When class let out, I went to go pick up a package and then called my Mom to thank her for what she sent. When she answered, she asked if I was watching the news, and I said "no," not realizing what was going on. She told me to turn it on and filled me in on what happened. I watched the news, and tried to get in contact with friends so that they would know what was going on (not many college students I know watch the news in the mornings). I watched the people jumping out of the buildings; I watched the towers fall. I remember being so ANGRY and so sad--crying a lot over the next weeks. But as time passed, I was so proud of my country--how we rallied together; how we didn't let it beat us. God Bless the USA
Caitlin | 19 | Louisiana

#1588 | Friday, August 23rd 2002
Where was I when the first plane hit? I was on my way to school with my brother. My class and I were wondering if this was true. Then we went to my Math teachers class for math. She was putting her ear to the radio speaker. We were like what are you doing? She then told us what happened. Even though I already knew. Now that i am in the 5th grade there is a kid who is from The Broncs. He said his school had to evacuate and his friend left his school with a broken arm from pieces of the WTC building. He said some of the kids were killed. Can you imagine kids being killed by pieces of building? Any way He said his uncle taped some of it but the tape recorder broke. And I wnat to say to the reletives of some of the victims. Me and my family will pray for your family if you will pray for my mom's friends sister. Her name is Pam Kinamore. She was the one ubducted from her house. Please pray and God Bless America!
Kristen | 10 | Louisiana

#1517 | Saturday, August 3rd 2002
I remember that day more so than any other day that I could possibly remember. That day had started different than usual that day. I had a accepted a temporary job delivering phone books. Which is something I'd never done before. As I had stopped at the store, the songs stopped playing and thats when I heard the news. It sounded like an old broadcast of some other event that happened long ago or something in a movie. So, I finished the job and came home to watch the news. When I actaully saw what happened, I was totally shocked. After time has passed and all the rubble has cleared, I did a web search about september 11th and came apon a few web sites and to relive that day is even sadder than when it actually happened. To those who have passed on 9/11 and thier familes; My deepest sympathies go out to you. God Bless America!
Amanda | 22 | Louisiana

#1491 | Sunday, July 21st 2002
I was in sitting in my 3rd hour class in West Monroe Junior High in West Monroe, Louisiana with 9 other people trying to firgure out if this was true or not and why someone would do this.
Rebecca | 14 | Louisiana

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