#1969 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I know that I and many others wont ever forget this day. I was in my history class taking a test when a student came in and told my professor that a plane had hit the World Trade Towers. Many of my classmates turned in out tests and ran to the nearest T.V. room. When we got there the whole room was silent. There were people crying and in total shock. This day will live forever in our memories. God bless the families of the deceased and God bless the USA!!
Bre | 21 | Minnesota

#1950 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
Tomorrow is Sept. 11th my 13th birthday. I remember how now a year ago I felt that day waking up and Thinking "wow it fells great to be 12!" I went into my living room only to be faced with a horrible fact; terrorists were attacking America. Thoughts raced though my mind," Are they coming near us?,"Are we safe",Was any one Killed?". For a moment I just stood there stunned that there was such evil in the world.
Although no one in my family was hurt by that evil my heart and my prayers go out to those that were.

Catherine | 13 | Minnesota

#1820 | Monday, September 9th 2002
Wow... Where was i september 11th, 2002...?
That is one question i've heard alot. I
was sitting in my first hour class, not believing
the people that came into the room , talking of
the attacks. We all blew it off, til the bell
rang and all the students were talking about it
and watching it on tv. It was incredible!

Krista | 18 | Minnesota

#1724 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
I was on my way to school. As soon as I arrived, I noticed that the television in the Commons Area was on. I thought that was odd, and asked the people who were watching the television "What are you watching?" They replied by saying something about a plane hitting a building. I didn't understand what they were saying, so I went to my math teacher's room to watch his television. When I got to the room, I noticed that there were two students already watching it. I went over to the television and what I saw on the screen was unbelievable. I just stood there facing the television for the next 15 minutes. I didn't know what to say or do. I was in shock; I felt numb. I spent the rest of the day glued to the television screen. I truly thought that it was the end. I thought life as we knew it was surely over. I wanted it to all be a dream.
Racquel | 18 | Minnesota

#1647 | Monday, September 2nd 2002
“Where was I on September 11th?”

Unknown to me that morning, for the last time I would be able to step on the plane with minutes to spare. I settled in aboard the 6:00am American Airline flight from Minneapolis to Dallas (and ultimately on to Houston).
I had taken this flight numerous times over the last year. My children had moved with their mother back to Minnesota, and I had taken on the traveler role. Once a month, for five days with the return flight out of Minneapolis on a Tuesday. The last year …….so much had happened. The falling apart of a marriage, the separation, My wife taking the children back to Minnesota, the divorce, my mothers cancer, the pressures of work. Each day before September 11th was a reminder of what a challenge life had turned out to be for me.
Falling asleep, I began the pattern that I knew so well. As I seasoned traveler I had become savvy in the airports, knew my way around delays, and could fall asleep in a heartbeat once sat. As we landed in Dallas, I began to make my way towards my connecting flight on the next concourse. I noted a few people gathered around a television, and approached. The pictures were unclear, the sound was down. My first thought was “What building is on fire in Downtown Dallas”?
Reflecting back on the next few hours is still a bit of a blur for me. So much happening, incomplete information coming to me as I continued to push on towards my gate. I actually still felt like I was going to be flying on to Houston. The cell phone began ringing with the many family and friends that knew I was flying. I settled into a seat in front of my gate and watched as the Pentagon was hit, the towers collapsed, and the airports were shut down.
A friend in Dallas was able to help me sift through the mountain of luggage, get out of the airport, and get me one of the last rental cars in Dallas. After contacting my boss, he had let me know that he wanted me to get down to Houston; “Get to Houston-you are supposed to work tonight”. That pressure, the unknown of what was happening with the attacks, the massive weight of being away from the children again, stayed with me as I pressed on towards Houston. I decided to drive with the radio off, so that I could absorb what was occurring. Making it into town, into the restaurant, and then home sealed what was working in me.
I cannot fathom the sadness of the many that lost loved ones that day, suddenly, unknowingly, so violent. I do not know if I ever will be able to.
For Me, September 11th crystallized what I knew I had to do. Within 6 months, I had left my job of 10+ years & relocated back to be with my children. I also had the opportunity to be together with my family as my mother passed. September 11th reminded me how much I love those around me, and that I had the energy, power and will to show them that. I continue to feel that as I make further steps forward in life.
I look forward to being in New York with my children in the coming week, as I show them the “persevering” spirit that life calls for on occasion, and the energy that occurs when people work together.
God Bless

Jim | 35 | Minnesota

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