#2517 | Saturday, September 14th, 2002
September 11 2001 is a day that forever changed our world. It is a day that put wholes in the sky and in our hearts. My heart goes out to the lost. God bless America!!!
Danielle | 16 | Michigan

#2520 | Saturday, September 14th, 2002
Hello, I'm Laura from holland and I just wanna say that everyone in Rotterdam feels sorry for what happend september eleven 2001. We will support you in every possible way. Just believe in God and we will get the bastard We hope that he gets the chair!!! Our Love for everyone who was in NY at the time and who lost a special person

Greets from Rotterdam
Laura | 16 | Netherlands

#2521 | Saturday, September 14th, 2002
I woke up unusually late that morning. My sister was home on her vacation. As soon as I got up that morning, my sister yelled to me what had happened. At this point three of the planes had crashed. It didn't make any sense. I felt like I was still dreaming. It wasn't real.

I became engrossed with the television, flipping between network and news stations in search of a reason I never found. At least, a reason I never found acceptable. This wasn't real. I was watching clips from a movie.

I broke away from the television and went to the computer. It never occurred to me that people would be worried or concerned about me. Throughout the day I received emails and instant messages from people making sure I was alright. I was touched but it still didn't feel real.

I could walk outside and see the cloud of smoke from the collapsed buildings. Even then it didn't feel real.

Two days later, September 13, 2001, the wind must have changed direction. I awoke to to a horrid smell I cannot describe. I checked the entire house for something burning. Although, it didn't exactly smell like smoke. I realized the smell was from outside. I, immediately, turned on the television thinking something else happened.

nothing happened.

It was the smell from ground zero. It was a smell I will never ever forget. That was the moment that it all became real.
Julie | 27 | New York

#2522 | Saturday, September 14th, 2002
September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten!

I awoke that Tuesday at about 8:40 am.(my day off from work) After getting a cup of coffee I popped in a video of the previous day's soaps to watch when the phone rang. My sister told me about the first plane hit. I hit the stop button on the VCR & then watched in horror as the second plane hit. Shortly after the second hit, my sister who lives in the neighborhood came running into my house.
"what's going on?!?!" she asked. She stayed & watched most of the day. At about 3:30-4:00 pm I told her that I need to stop watching for awhile (I was numb). I needed to go to Walmart to pick up a few things. As I drove there I felt a weird sensation come over me. All air traffic had been canceled. Just to think that over the whole United States that there were no planes in the air. It was totally numbing. The world as we knew it had really stopped turning. After supper that night we watched the news some more. At about 9:30-10:00 pm I had to stop watching again. I turned the TV to Nickelodeon. They had a Brady Bunch marathon on. I watched for a couple of hours. How ironic is that?? Watching the fantasy world of the Brady Bunch while our world was suffering.
The next day I put a flag cling in the window on my truck. I've always been patriotic but even more so now that AMERICA has been attacked. Today
I still wear a red, white, & blue ribbon on my hat at work. I have one also on my jacket. The window cling is still in my truck--fading but still there. As in our National Anthem the line states, "...gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there." America was terrorized but became stronger than ever!! As we remember those whose lives were lost, please also remember to BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!! GOD BLESS!
Kelly | 37 | Michigan

#2523 | Saturday, September 14th, 2002
So, where was I on that horrible morning? Were else? School. I was in my video 1 class. It ran from 9-noon, and I got to the college at about 8:40, and was just thinking about what the Wizards' season would be like if Michael Jordan played for them, which is what he was supposed to announce in a press conference that day. Oh how I wish that happened.

Video Class started like every other class. I think that was only the second class, maybe third, so we hadn't really started anything yet. In fact, that day was the day we were to take the GL1's around campus and do an "in-camera edit". Which is just filming in order, so you don't have to edit later.

At about 9:30 or so, my teacher, Jose Tenorio, went to his office to get something for the class. I forget what tho. He was gone longer than we probably thought. and 9:45 or so he got back and said a plane crashed in to the World Trade Center. I instantly thought it was just a cesna or crop duster. Why would I think it was a commerical jumbojet?! So the class continued, he talked to us about how to operate the cameras without breaking them, lol. Hey, the GL1's cost 2300 dollars and the college bought 8 of them.

At about 10:20 we were getting ready to begin our in-camera edits and he went to his office again. When he got back, he said "the towers are gone". I was in total disbelief. Gone?! Those things are huge, weighing 100,000 tons each, at least. They're a marvel to human ingeniunity, like the Pyramids. Yes, I really think that. Did you know that they were designed to sway 3 feet back and forth in the wind?

This girl next to me was in tears. Her fiance was in one of the towers that day, but don't worry, he got out and he's A-Ok. People tried to comfort her tho and she was escused from the assignment, but she did it anyway.

I grabed the camera and started walking around campus, but as soon as I got outside the classroom, the TV's that are hanging from the ceiling every 20 feet or so, were all on CNN. They were showing replays of the planes hitting and smoke billowing from the towers. I wanted to scream, but I am to stoic in public. I wish I did scream, but I did the assignment, then went to the lobby and watched CNN a bit, then went back to the classroom to turn in the cameras and leave.

As I was walking to my car, I was growing increasingly angry. I saw a lady running franctically to her car, I hope she didn't lose someone dear to her. That made me more mad. I got home and my younger brother, who was being homeschooled at the time, had the TV on and said, "Have you heard?" I replied wth, "yes". As soon as I got in front of the TV I just started crying uncontrolably. I then started pacing up and down the house screaming obscenities. For example, "lets nuke the fucking bastards who did this!". No, I do not think that now, but I did then, and I am NOT ashamed. My brother's friends and our cousin came over a few minutes later, becaue our mom had picked them all up, because the schools closed early, and we are the closest to the school of all his friends houses.

I was glued to the tv for at least a week, I recall. What happened was terrible and horrible, but I am over it. You have to be, I think. I don't want to live my life by being angry or sad and depressed all the time. The only other times where I cried like I did that day, were the Oklahoma City bombing (I was 14) and the Columbine School shooting (I was 18)
James | 22 | Maryland

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