#1612 | Wednesday, August 28th 2002
When first plane crasched l was in the way home,because of time difference it was 15 o'clock. l found out what had happened when l got home. l heard a small mention on TV and than an hour later l saw the transmition from New York. First thing that l thought was „ This is New York? No way, from which side?” Those clouds of smoke surrounding WTC made on me great impession. l couldn’t belive that this REALLY was New York. l changed the the channel, one more time, one more, and one... but on every l saw the same picture... l knew it was impossible, it must have been kinda misunderstanding, that it could come about to every country but not to US.. I used to think that Us is the country for whitch nobody would be cheecky.... And than l thought about the war, and what my grandma was talling about it

What did l feel? The fear that l had felt only once before. I was terriblly frieghtend. Ealier l thought that whatever happens – this couldn’t happen to me. All the violence, about everyday l had heard in the news suddenly started concern me. l realized that nobody is safe now, wherever he lives, as long as some crazy people makes what they feeding like to.

Than l thought about the families of WTC workers. About mothers, wives, sisters and children.... What they were doing when they heard about the crash, what occured to them, when they thought than just less than hour ago they had gave midmorning snack to their members of families, had kissed, said goodbye, maybe quarelld.... and didn’t manage to do or say something on time.... And this insecurity ... what happened to their children, sons, daughters...that maybe they were still alive and helth..... l indentifyed with those people cuz l very good know what does it mean to wait in insecurity. I know that it's not enough but it's all that I can do - I wish them all the best cuz they diserve it and promise myself to bring up my children so that they appreciate the human live.

Karolina | 16 | Poland

#1283 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
Me and my Mum didn't watch TV or listen to the radio that day because the weather was so nice and we decided to spend it in our garden, out of town. In the evening I took a train to Wroclaw, the city where I study, and my boyfriend met me at the platform. I was very happy to see him but he was pale. He was staring at me and asked me if I heard what happened in the US. As I was totally ignorant, I almost started joking about anti-globalists and so on. Then he asked me if I knew what the Twin Towers were. I'm studing the English and Amercian Philology so I knew very well, and then he said that they weren't there anymore. That they were attacked with passenger planes and collapsed. Then he said about the Pentagon. I thought this WAS serious now. The sky was grey and the birds wouldn't sing. People on the street were talking only about what hapenned in the US that afternoon (3 p.m. CET). But it still didn't sink in (I suppose after just hearing this noone could visualise these horrors!!!) and I still wanted to go to a party we planned for that evening. We did go and after we came back we turned the TV on. I was so shocked that I didn't want to sit down. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was surreal and horrible and it was something I never imagined... I was very, very scared. I started to feel embarassed that we went to the party. For hours to come, we were speechless. For weeks to come we were trying to think "why?!".
Ania | 23 | Poland

#1190 | Wednesday, April 17th 2002
To bylo straszne . Kiedy Nowy Jork zostal zaatakowany bylem w moim domu w Warszawie . O zamachu dowiedzialem sie z radia . Wlonczylem telewizor i zobaczylem widok , ktorego nie zapomne juz do konca zycia . Mam nadzieje , ze podobna tragedia nigdy wiecej sie nie wydzrzy .
Piotr | 17 | Poland

#1160 | Saturday, April 6th 2002
This day was very important to me.
In this time, on the 11TH September I had confirmation. I found this event out from the bishop. Than I was depressed. I didn't now what happened exactly. I could not think about something different than this. After I had gone from church to my house I watched tv. It wasn'tgood.I was furious. The terrorist could attack full of people building in the New York or Washington without problems. It means, that they can do it everywhere and destroy everything. Then I felt very endangered.

Ania | 16 | Poland

#1159 | Saturday, April 6th 2002
11 September during attack on USA I'm accept confirmation.
I'm to learn about tragedy from a bishop. This information was shock for me, becouse I not believe that many people died.

Agnieszka | 16 | Poland

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