#2035 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I am a former New Yorker who now lives in Jerusalem, Israel.

When I found out about the attacks, I was in a friend's storeroom (which she had turned into a haircutting salon) and my five-year-old was getting her hair cut. It was around 4:30 p.m. local time.

The phone in the salon rang, and my friend, who usually does not take calls while she's working, picked up the call because it was her husband, who INSISTED on talking to her.

Of course, I could only hear her end of the conversation, which consisted of "Oh my God!" and "I don't believe this!" and "What? WHAT?" and so on. We were one year into the latest "intifada" and I thought for sure there had been another suicide bombing.

She finally hung up the phone, and I took a deep breath before I asked "It was another pigua (attack), right?"

And she laughed strangely and said "Yeah. But not here!"

It turned out her husband, who had been downtown, saw the attacks on the World Trade Center playing out on televisions in some appliance store. Like others on the street, he had at first thought it was a movie, until he realized there were too many people gathered watching this "movie" and had stopped to find out what was happening.

And my friend finished cutting my (rather confused) daughter's hair.

When I left the salon, I hadn't yet heard that the towers had fallen. I remember leaving the place feeling strangely uplifted for a few minutes, thinking that this had to be a major step towards the eventual arrival of the Messiah.

As a religious person, I had often wondered how we would know he was really coming. To me, this seemed to be a pretty clear message that the world was going to change in a fundamental fashion, and that Messiah's arrival would be the last step.

Only later, when I got home and started seeing on the Internet the videos of the incredible destruction did I start to feel terribly depressed. By then we knew that no members of our families in NY had been anywhere near there, but the sorrow was deep and hard to shake for many weeks.

The funny thing is that a couple of months later the daughter who was having her hair cut that day started badgering me to let her hair grow out so she could have a ponytail "like all her friends."

I had kept my older girls' hair short until I was sure they could take care of it themselves, but for some reason I agreed to let her grow it, and I haven't cut it since.

And now, every time I struggle to get her still-wispy side hairs into the ponytail, I remember.

surie | 42 | Israel

#1930 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was in a guitar lesson. The T.V in my teacher's living room was on, and we were shocked.
Asaf | 14 | Israel

#1813 | Monday, September 9th 2002
i were in sepember 11th in home and i skrid i dond no but in my cantry have a all the time the tror and im sory very sory good bay good bay world i dont no
2+2+2+2+2 boom so whte do you do new
i dont no and i dont no

ELAY | 17 | Israel

#1695 | Friday, September 6th 2002
Last year I was in the army (in Israel) and while I was waiting for the bus to come back home my brother called to my cellular (The time in Israel was 4:30 PM)and told me about the disaster and I was shocked, I came to my house and watched T.V and saw the WTC in the historic moments.
And now, one year after the disaster I still can't belive that such a thing happened in the peaceful country- U.S.A

I love NY (although my last visit in NY was in 1998).

I will remember this tragedy for the rest of my life although I'm not American, but I feel belong.

Shir | 20 | Israel

#1671 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
In the September 11th I was in my home, I openned TV and I saw an aeroplane in the WTC building. First, I did not realize what is the meaning of this, but then when I saw the analysts I understood that this is a really big thing!!! My friends were in scouts so I called them every 15 minutes to give them the newest information... I did the same with my fother who was in France, and he told me: "This is the begining of world war 3!!!"... It was strange for me because I live in Israel and we have terror attacks almost every-day so I didn't understand what is the "Big Deal". Now I know that it was a really meaningful ivent and it influence the all-world!!!
I wish America won't be naive, and won't give Saddam Husain a "CHANCE" because he has the responsability of 90% of the world terrorism!!! People, try to be careful when you go full places... And GOD BLESS AMERICA (And Israel!!!) :)

Eyal | 15 | Israel

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