#1659 | Wednesday, September 4th 2002
I am from Israel , here we know a lot abour terror.
on 9/11 I was on my way to pickup a friend of mine , on my way I heard 2 people saying : "NOW THE AMERICANS WILL SHOW THEM" , I didnt know at that time... 2 min. later I heard another girl talk with another girl ,asking her if she know about the "TRAIN CRASH IN THE US" - I didn't know at that time .
I pickedup my friend and asked him if he knows something about the "TRAIN CRASH IN THE U.S. and if the americans will show them (the ppl who made the crash) " - he said that he doesnt know.
we turned up the radio and heard :"... NOW ANOTHER PLAIN .. IN THE WTC..."
we were SHOCKED !!!

Dan | 22 | Israel

#1651 | Tuesday, September 3rd 2002
In June 1996 I was at the top of tower no. 1
In 9 of September 2001 I sat in my apartment in beer-Sheva, ISRAEL.
I was studying for a test – and I was devastated.
It will never be the same without the towers – the world will never be the same.all i wanted to say then as now is: be brave and stay free america. we love you all.

ilan | 29 | Israel

#1638 | Sunday, September 1st 2002
in september 11 i was in Israel. i had a swimming practice, and some kid came to us and told us that they showing NYC on tv and told us what happened.
the next day was weird cos' in one hand we were very sad but on the other hand we were knew in our hearts that now you (AMERICA) will know what we (ISRAEL) going throw every day.

I hope for better days.

dana | 16 | Israel

#1577 | Tuesday, August 20th 2002
It was 16:00 over here in Israel. All channels stoped their programs and turned to the news. We were shocked. An attack on the world trade center. First it was one building, then suddenly another plane crashed into the second building.

We watched the news all night. It was a tragedy to the American people but also to us here in Israel, as we are in constant war agains terror.

Here in Israel, unfortunatly, terrorist attack are quite often, and are forgoten very quickly. It became our way of life. Our daily news are forgoten, but the events of September 11th 2001 will forever be remembered.

Oded | 18 | Israel

#1501 | Saturday, July 27th 2002
i was at home swiching chanells, when i arived to cnn i sow the 1 of the wtc in fair,i was shoked by wats hapened and then the 2'n plane come and its was clear that that's was terorist atack.

adam | 16 | Israel

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