#441 | Monday, December 10th 2001
שמי עופר מישראל וביום הנורא הזה הייתי בעבודה בDHL תלאביב
כמה מעמיתי שלא הכרתי נהרגו ביום הנורא הזה

ofer | 25 | Israel

#199 | Thursday, October 11th 2001
I'm now reading an article about sites on the Internet a month after the attacks of the september 11th, 2001. I guess that you wouldn't know the magazine I'm reading because it is not an American magazine. I'm writing to you from Israel, if you think that you are suffering becouse of terrorism (I'm not sure it's spelled like that), belive me that we suffer at least like you, if not more.
I never lost someone, hoping that I never will. But I realy cried, from the bottom of my brokken heart, when I heard. There are diferencess in the hours, it was about 5pm here when it happened. I was resting at home, after school (I'm 13), and I saw the tween towers falling down... I just couldn't belive...
I watched the smoke, and almost chocked. Couldn't understand why.
I never visited the tween towers, but my perents was there. I'll never be there, and my perents can just rememeber.
But that day, we all, just cried - from the bottom of our brokken heart...

Tal | 13 | Israel

#198 | Thursday, October 11th 2001
I was at home in Tel-Aviv, Israel with my friends. As we were laughing and having fun my mom walked into the room and told us that a plane crashed into the twins towers (in hebrew we refer to the towers but we mean all of the WTC).
At first we didn't think it was a terrorist attack because that was unreasonable, terrorism in the US yeah right, whatever. We just thought it was an aroeplane accident but then the second aroeplane hit, and it was clear to all - the world as we know it is going to change, from now on - nowhere is safe...

Rony | 13 | Israel

#139 | Sunday, September 23rd 2001
I was at home, my mom told me about the first plane, So i turned on the TV, every news station was talking about this, I saw the second plane crashing and the buildings collapsing live. It was unbelievable. Unbelievable.

Dutzi (Rishon LeZion)

Eldad | 17 | Israel

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