#1870 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I rememeber i had come home early from work ill and my mother had gone on holiday that day. i sat down and turned the television on and started to watch some chat show like oprah whinfrey. a newsflash came on sky about a possible terrorist action in america, i thought it was a landed plane that they werent letting off the ground or something. i turned to watch it as i was bored. the pictures shocked me. then another plane hit and there was reports of another plane had hit the pentagon, my mind filled with dread and i thoughtthatthere would be hundreds of planes crashing everywhere. then all was calm it seemed although i knew different. i phoned my friend who i knew was athome watching it, later i was on the phone to that same freind cos he was coming to see me, and the first tower collapsed, i almost cried. then the second one fell down while i was still on the phone i watched all day, in a way i felt guilty for watching like it was entertainment, but even tho i was in the uk i was scared. i watched all day as picture after picture and different storys and news gatherings were shown on tv. I will never forget that day and know that i will always try to be nicer to people and help whoever i can because nothing like this should happen again newhere in the world. my heart and love and soul are with all the victims and there familys and friends. my mum has never been to america and is scared of flying now. Everyone around the world must stop our petty hates and squabbling and work towards a better future. wehave enough problems with disease and famine why kill each other.
Chris | 20 | United Kingdom

#1805 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I live in California, so when the first plan hit I was asleep. I had my alarm set to have the radio wake me up and about 6:05 am on Sept 11 I herd the news. It didn't seem like it was happening, I ran downstairs and told my mom to turn the news on. I watched it with her then listened to it on the radio on my way to school. When I got to college everyone was talking about it. And then after school, it was work. I was in complete shock and it didn't set in untill a day later. I have family in the D.C. and NY area, I called my mom who eventually got back to me to tell me everyone was ok. The next couple of weeks I watched the news and now with the anniversary coming, I feel like it's happening again.
Briana | 20 | California

#1732 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
i remember everything about the very moment i heard what happened.. i was in school my sophomore year of college.. living in a dorm room by myself.. and i had just woke up .. well before my alarm went off.. i could feel something was different.. or wrong.. not sure what it was but the feeling was there.. so the first thing i did was turn on the television.. (i never watch tv before class) it was as if God was telling me something.. and on every channel there was breaking news.. about the first tower being hit. i mean.. it just came on as i turned on the tv set. i dont know why.. but i popped in a tape and pushed record.. i recorded those news programs all morning.. not sure why i kept recording.. til i saw the piece about the pentagon.. and instantally my heart dropped to the ground and shattered into pieces.. i was already crying and upset about what happened at the wtc but now the pentagon! my favorite uncle works there.. and i was so scared he was in the midst of everything.. but unlike those killed in the crash.. he had forgotten something at one of his other offices and would have been righ smack dab in the middle of it all.. but two days later.. i was able to get through and talk to him! God blessed us with that.. I will never forget the extreme sadness and anger i felt after that day.. and i hurt for the families of the victims.. and i pray for them.. that God would bless them and comfort them.
kristina | 20 | Michigan

#1695 | Friday, September 6th 2002
Last year I was in the army (in Israel) and while I was waiting for the bus to come back home my brother called to my cellular (The time in Israel was 4:30 PM)and told me about the disaster and I was shocked, I came to my house and watched T.V and saw the WTC in the historic moments.
And now, one year after the disaster I still can't belive that such a thing happened in the peaceful country- U.S.A

I love NY (although my last visit in NY was in 1998).

I will remember this tragedy for the rest of my life although I'm not American, but I feel belong.

Shir | 20 | Israel

#1684 | Friday, September 6th 2002
I was walking into the cafeteria of my college that morning. I saw two of the ladies who worked there were walking out, talking rapidly--snapping, really--at each other. I look around and see the several people who had managed to get up staring at the television. I asked another worker there what was going on. She said, "A plane crashed into the Trade Towers." "WHAT?" I said. I shot my glance to the TV...and that was it.

I tried calling home (I go to college in Vermont, but I'm from rural Massachusetts), but the phone was busy. I went outside and asked someone what the hell was going on. She didn't have a clue.

I went up to my lounge and found everyone there staring at the television as more stuff happened...it was all so confusing...finally, I got home to my parents. They had been calling my sister (who lives near Boston, MA) and my uncle (who lives just a couple blocks from where the Towers were). They were all okay.

Fucking Bin Laden...excuse me.

Barry | 20 | Massachusetts

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