#1626 | Friday, August 30th 2002
It was my first night in the L.A. area just after moving here. I was so disturbed with what had happened that I didn't leave the house for a couple of days......
Bekah | 20 | California

#1625 | Friday, August 30th 2002
I was in my sophomore year of college, not really wanting to be there. I can't believe it's been a year already. At first I didn't really understand, then I was thinking "great, another war", but in the end, I was just really thankful that I and my friends and family were okay, and saddened by those who aren't(weren't?)
Jen | 20 | New York

#1578 | Tuesday, August 20th 2002
The morning of September 11th started out the same as any other Tuesday. I didn't have to work until 1pm, so I slept in. I woke around 9:30am and turned on the tv. Sportscenter was on ESPN, so I watched that for awhile. There was no word yet of any attack or accident or anything. I decided about ten minutes into the show that I was bored, and I started to flip through the channels. CNN was among the channels I happend to flip through. What I saw I can only describe as mind boggling. I could not believe that I was looking at the World Trade Center towers ablaze. Everything turned to a blur. I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing things down, reports that were being given, images that were being shown, accounts of the events that were being taken. It was a very surreal image, watching the Twin Towers smoking. It seemed almost like a dream that I was going to wake up from when my alarm clock went off. When the first tower collapsed at 9:50am, I stood with my mouth agape. Had I just seen one of the Twin Towers fall? Had it just crumpled like a house of cards? Was this really happening? I really wasn't sure.

The next two hours flew by as I ignored my already-cold breakfast. In the meantime, there had been reports of another plane crash in Pennsylvania, and the second tower had collapsed. I tried to pry myself from the tv, but I couldn't. I was somehow drawn to this tragedy, wanting to know more, wanting to hear more, wanting to see more.

When I got to work, which is WGNY, a radio station in Newburgh, NY, there was nobody upstairs. Everyone had retreated to the basement, where updates and information was being released every few minutes on the AP News Wire. A brave few were crowded around the boss's small tv, watching the events unfold in New York City, a short 45 minute drive from our very doorstep. When the report came across that one of the planes had apparently flown over Stewart Air National Guard Airbase, we all froze and stared at each other in horror. We see planes take off and land at Stewart Airbase everyday; it is located about two miles from where we work.

September 11th was quite possibly the sadest day of my life. Fellow New Yorkers, many of whom live within 20 miles of me, were victims of these horrific attacks. That day will remain in my mind as the day the world changed.

President Bush, if you read this, I want you to know that I support you one-hundred percent in your efforts to rid the world of terrorism. Please, for God's sake, do not allow this to happen again. Not here, not in Europe, not in the Middle East, not anywhere. We will never forget this day. Not ever.

Tom | 20 | New York

#1568 | Monday, August 19th 2002
I woke up on September 11th and was all alone at my house. My parents had gone to work and my sister had gone to school, but I didn't have class that day. I sat around for a while and ate breakfast and then got online to check my email and stuff. My boyfriend sent me an instant message and told me to turn on the television. I turned it on NBC because I was always watch the Today show. Right when I turned it on the second plane was hitting the WTC. I just sat there in horror. I couldn't speak or move or do anything. I was just in shock. I remember crying because I was so scared and so sad for all the people in those buildings and on the planes. I immediately started calling everyone I could think of and making sure that they were all safe and okay. I have several friends who are exchange students from Turkey and India, and they were unable to leave their rooms on campus because prejudiced people kept yelling threats and derogatory remarks at them.

I was also very scared because they released a warning on our local news because we live near several chemical and power plants, and they were concerned that our area might be a target. I was so scared. I never thought there would be a day when I was afraid of being attacked here in little southern Ohio.

That day changed my view of the world and helped me get my priorities back where they should be.

Jessica | 20 | Ohio

#1558 | Saturday, August 17th 2002
Blessed Be!
I feel like all who have died are like family and I morn for their lives and souls that were so wrongfully taken away from their loved ones. I only hope that we will never have to go through this ignorant loss o f souls again. I just wish that the whole world could put aside our difference and think about working together to solve a problem. I know that morning I woke to find out what had happened. I know that if that was my husband, son, grandmother,etc...I would be so full of emotions. I will always remember the people of 9/11 and be greatful everyday that I can wake up and see my family again....
Blessed be!

Dawn | 20 | West Virginia

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