#618 | Wednesday, January 9th 2002
on september 11th 2001 i was in my base i was a solidar in the israelian navy.
someone came in the office i was in and he said that a plane crashed in to one of the tower's we where all shcked but we never imagined the size of the tregady, since we were at the army we where very adraid that israel will be next.
When igot home i opened the television set and i couldn't believe my eye's, i still can't.
in the name of the israelian pepole i would like to say how sorry we are for al the lost lives and all of the broken families.
I still cant believe that i will never get to see these two beautiful building's since the last time i was there i was very young.

sarit | 20 | Israel

#610 | Saturday, January 5th 2002
I was in a field trip with my class when we heard from someone that had a radio that the wtc callepsed because a playne fell in to it.
I was shocked.
No one can sleep after he hears that.
I hope america will capture osama and will teach him a lesen.

auren | 14 | Israel

#585 | Sunday, December 30th 2001
i was in a first scouts activity as a guide,in isaerl and i heard about it on the radio... its felt like the end of the world is coming
s.b | 17 | Israel

#562 | Saturday, December 22nd 2001
I live in Israel and when it happened I was at work. Someone from work heard on the news about the attack after the two buildings were hit. We were all shocked and sad and it was hard to believe him so we turned on the radio and listened to all the events. We were hardly working that day. When we came home after work we kept watching the news on TV. Everybody here were shocked and it was the talk of the day with everybody. I am so sorry that something like that happened. So many dead and wounded and broken hearted families. This is a true tragedy. Unfortunetly terrorists attack us here is Israel way too often and still, there is no getting used to something like this.
Rakefet | 26 | Israel

#447 | Monday, December 10th 2001
on the 11.09.01 i sat in my office in jerusalem checking business plan's and sometimes "jumping into the hebrew news websites to see what's new around...
it was in the end of the day, at 4:40pm i think

i should leave the office and i was quite tired after a all day of work

then i saw a little ad at www.walla.co.il
they said that a little plane has crushed into a tower in new york

i understood immediately that its a terror act, cause it couldbt be possibe being an random accident, my friend at the offive laughfed at me and said its just an accident...
well well
after 18 minutes when we saw the second plan and the unbelievable picture's from the site...

now i feel that those little bin laden's on planet earth , they killed my own american dream to work at those towers....
they killed the believe in the strongest core of the americans

what a pitty and crazy story!
fair well from Israel Jerusalem, which is another crazy city but 500 times less then the strike in NY!

Aviad | 24 | Israel

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