#1197 | Monday, April 22nd 2002
On the september 11th i was hospitalized in Laniado hospital in israel, and i remember i didnt have a t.v, but suddenly my boyfreind called me and told me there was a bombing in the twins, i was shocked, and i asked my mom to bring me a radio a.s.a.p
when she brought it i was already in the E.R. so i heard that the twins collapsed only after i came back to my room.
the next few days were one huge tragedy i remember each time i heard the news the no. of bodies & injuries was higher and higher, untill it was Too hard and i closed the radio.

i want to wish all the victims families be strong, and dont stop belive.
i m sure your beloved ones would like you to be strong enough to keep their memory alive with you.


SHIR | 23 | Israel

#1195 | Saturday, April 20th 2002
even now i just can belive to what that i saw the other day

i just can!

Oz | 18 | Israel

#1162 | Sunday, April 7th 2002
During the attack on the WTC builings I was sitting at home (Tel Aviv, Israel), studying for a biology exam, and I was on the phone with a girl in my class named Shiran, and suddenly they showed on TV the 1st building going on fire and the 2nd plane hitting the 2nd building. since that moment, I watched the special telecast about the attack.

Shahar | 15 | Israel

#1128 | Thursday, March 28th 2002
I live in Israel and there's a 7 hours time difference between New York and Israel. So it was about 14:30 (07:30 New York time) when I decided to take a nap and at about 16:00 (09:00 NY time) I heard these really loud voices coming from the radio in our kitchen. I didn't make out what the broadcaster said but my mom came to wake me up and notified my that a plain crashed into the Twins. I was still dazzled from the nap and I didn't really understand what she's talking about, but I got up and turned on the TV and I saw pictures from NBC and CNN in our news and the broadcaster was totally panicked. She, like all of us, was speechless. So then I just tuned in to CNN and sat glued to the TV screen for about 9 hours (and 3 days later, still).
God bless America.

Shiran | 17 | Israel

#1095 | Friday, March 22nd 2002
it was my first week in the state that i came to visit some freind.
i remember that i turn on the t.v. and the first picture that i saw was of a plain that goes inside of the building..
until that moment i belived that this thimk happenend in israel but today i realise that it happened all ove the world.

shirly | 29 | Israel

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